Episode Six went live last night!!!!!!!!

So if you haven't picked it up yet, get it now.

This is by far the most emotionally charged 20,000 words I have ever written. Like. Ever.

Well... Maybe not. The end of Hopeless was pretty bad. And also the Breathless novella where Eden relives Silas and Gabriel. And then in Sunburst at the end when Stella and Seth are fighting.

Oh, and the entire book of The Fall.

So... maybe it's not my most emotional work.

But it's pretty darn close.

It's definitely way up there at the top of the list!!!

So fear not. If you cried, you are not alone. And if you think you might cry, you are definitely not alone!

I sobbed through the whole thing.

Am I scaring you yet???

GOOD! Just kidding. Kind of. I will say this... I have never gotten this much angry feedback before! With Hopeless you just sent me notes begging me to fix that mess. With The Fall and Sunburst, I hear how heartbroken you are but no threats of physical violence. With Breathless I may get a frustrated, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!!

But with this episode... you are definitely telling me how much you hate me.

And you really hate me.

Like a lot.

Good thing I know you secretly mean you love me!

And if you don't secretly mean that.. then shhh... let me pretend.

The best part is, we're only half way through the second season!!!! You still have six more episodes to go! Are you ready for the rest of this?

Hope so. :)

So. Here are your buy links!! Ep 6 went live on B&N this morning!! Woot!!!!

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Six for Amazon

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Six for B&N


Ok... Confession. I've had a major book hangover since I finished The Fall.

Like major.

I'm just having a really hard time moving on from that story. And especially from Ryder!

That boy just owns my heart. I swear.

So for Throwback Thursday, I thought I would post this scene from however long ago! Just in case someone else is having issues leaving Ryder in the fictional world he belongs and reentering normal society like we're supposed to. :)

This is from The Rush. Their kiss at the end of the book.

Ryder’s Point of View
Coffee Shop Scene

I’d been working since after school got out, as was my normal schedule. The place was dead and there wasn’t much for me to do right now. Everything was stocked, cleaned and ready for my first customer.

Basically I was bored out of my mind.

And then the bells jangled over the door, and all the hair on my arms stood up.

I knew it was her before I lifted my eyes, before I saw the graceful forward motion that was decidedly and uniquely


There was something between us, some kind of connection or tie, or lust. No, it wasn’t lust. That was exactly what it wasn’t. Because even though Ivy was a very pretty girl, I needed something beyond a perfect smile and shiny hair. I’d been down the “pretty” road before and I was exhausted by it. I wanted someone with substance, someone with depth.

And that’s why I was able to keep Ivy at a distance for so long. At first glance, hell, maybe even at second and third, she didn’t seem like a girl with either of those things.

But then, maybe a little reluctantly, I got to know her.

There’s so much elemental matter to that girl it made my head spin. Maybe too much. Maybe she was too much everything for me.

Maybe I should stay away from her.

No, definitely I should stay away from her.

My entire body reacted to that thought, stiffening and fighting it. My thoughts warred against each other and I knew- this was it. I’d already made the decision sometime before, when I wasn’t thinking it through, when I’d done it absolutely irreversibly, when I’d binded myself to her before I could somehow talk myself out of it.

I’d never be able to stay away from her.

Never be able to let her go.

At least, not until I knew she was safe…. protected…. free.

“Hey, Red,” I called out and watched her ignite at my words. It was like my voice charged her, brought her to life and I knew that was dangerous for both of us. But hell, if I didn’t love watching it happen. “Caramel macchiato?”

“We need to talk,” she snapped at me. A flame was lit behind those gorgeous green eyes and her porcelain skin wore the gentlest flush. Her whole body screamed beauty, but it was that angry fire underneath that was drawing me to her, that dug its claws into my better judgment and confused all common sense.

Nobody else was in the shop and no one else was scheduled to work today, so I thought the best place to talk would be in the kitchen away from where people could walk in on us. As I looked her over again, a sudden, suffocating fear took hold. This might not have to do with anything normal; she might be pissed about her goddamn pimp. If he so much as shook her f-ing hand I would beat his face in. He didn’t get to touch her. He didn’t get to pervert her with his sickness. She was too good for that, for this life she lived.

“Ok, let’s go,” I agreed. I opened the counter gate and let her through, then led the way to the kitchen. She took in her surroundings, looking over the appliances and small space with her intelligent emerald eyes.

I pulled her to me, placing my arms on her biceps so she’d be forced to look at me when she confessed whatever was going on. I trusted her, but I knew she felt the need to hide things from me too. I wanted everything, all the ugly, filthy truth and I wanted to see the emotion flash across her face so I could decide how she was holding up. My hands swallowed her petite arms under their hold, and I tightened my grip, enjoying the feel of her while my fingers wrapped around her skin. It was messed up, given everything she was going through and the fact that the minute she recognized I had more than platonic feelings for her she would bolt out of here faster than I could blink.

She was fragile, delicate…. broken. In every part of her she needed rescuing. And I could only do that if I played this her way. If I made this friendship important enough to her- as it already was to me.

“Why didn’t you tell me you and Kenna broke up?” She was all fury and fire, and I drank her in- her just wild-enough red hair the perfect color to suit her current mood. She wasn’t pretending with me, she wasn’t putting on her show the rest of the world got to see. These emotions were just for me. Only for me.

And then I comprehended what exactly she was asking me. Friendship my ass, Ivy.

I laugh of release came out before I could stop myself. “I didn’t think it mattered,” I admitted on a shrug.

“It matters,” she argued with a stubborn lift of her chin.

I took a step closer to her, I couldn’t stop myself. My body was demanding that I touch her, draw her into me. She wanted to play games about our friendship and me not falling for her, fine. Any other day fine. But not today. I had been terrified something horrible had happened to her or was going to happen and she had been mad I was single.

We weren’t going to play any more games today.

“Why?” I asked her bluntly.

“It just does,” she countered vaguely.

Alright, so I wasn’t going to get her to admit anything of value to me. But that was Ok. She wasn’t backing away; she wasn’t bolting out the door. She was staying in my arms, and that was enough for me.

Her gaze slid to my lips for just a second and I took another step toward her. We were so close to touching I wanted to groan in frustration, but for Ivy I would take this slow. Her eyes snapped up to meet mine again and they were bright, dark green with want.

My heart hammered an unsteady rhythm in my chest and a hundred different songs started writing themselves in my head.
This was how love songs were created- from moments like this.

“Yeah?” I asked in a growl. God, she was beautiful, but broken. So beautifully broken that my heart ached at the same time it crashed against my chest in a nervous anticipation. It was here, in this moment before I kissed her- and I would kiss her- that I would spend the next fifty years of my life. This moment was about to change me, to alter me irrevocably.

And I was going to let it.

Then I was going to try to recreate as many more of these moments as I could. Because Ivy was it. She was my inspiration, my muse, my goddamn heartbeat.

“So it matters to you that I’m single,” I stated, not questioned. I wasn’t going to give her the option to deny it.

She shivered so violently at my words that she stumbled into me. I caught her easily, because I had been waiting for the magnetic attraction between us to pull her all the way to me anyway.

It was bound to happen.

Even she couldn’t have fought it much longer.

And as soon as she was in my arms I bent down to kiss her. My mouth couldn’t wait to be on hers for one more second.
She was mine and it was time I let her know that too.

I kissed her gently, terrified of scaring her, or making her mad. She’d told me time and time again that we couldn’t be anything, that the minute she thought I had feelings for her we were over. But if she thought I’d be able to stop myself from falling for her she was out of her mind. She’d bewitched me- not because of what she was but because of who she was. And if I even tried to deny myself this kiss I would shatter into a million unfixable pieces.

This was as necessary as my next breath.

Only, she wasn’t kissing me back. She was thinking about this- thinking it through, thinking too much.

If she wasn’t ready to admit this to herself, then I was going to have to convince her.

I deepened the kiss and didn’t give her the option to pull away. And that was all it took. She fell into my arms, hungry and desperate and I groaned at the contact. God, this was the most perfect kiss of my life, of maybe anybody’s life.

And I was damned and determined to prove that it was the same for her.

I kissed her like she was mine, like she would always be mine, like there wasn’t a choice for her- just like there was no longer a choice for me.

I wanted to own those lips, to possess them forever.

She opened her mouth and I carefully deepened the kiss, tasting her on my tongue, memorizing the feel and sweetness of her. With each sweep of my tongue, each nip at her bottom lip or devouring kiss, she fell deeper into me, deeper into this moment.

Unable to take it anymore, I slipped my hand under her shirt, pressing it against her spine. I craved her skin, thirsted to know what it felt like against mine- her perfect, so soft skin against the calloused, worn pads of my fingers. Her arms tightened around my neck and I knew her reaction was as instantaneous as mine.

For the rest of my life I would search out ways to make this contact again, to feel this over and over. There wasn’t anything else worth living for as perfect as this.

And now I needed more.

So much more.

I brought my hand down to her willowy thigh and cupped the back of her knee, bringing it up and around my waist. She responded exactly like I hoped she would, bringing her other leg up immediately and wrapping both around me.

She was completely in my arms, her legs securely and tightly hugging me, exactly where they should be. I stumbled at the intoxicating feeling of desire that shot through me. I somehow righted myself and made it to the counter, but the desperate need to taste every part of her consumed me now.

I tore my lips from hers to explore the rest of her, to taste as much of her as I could- her jaw, her slender neck, her sweet collarbones. God she was perfection. And she was my every thought, my every heartbeat, every pump of my blood. Conscious, rational thought left me as soon as our mouths touched for the first time and the only thoughts remaining were everything I wanted to do and be to Ivy.

“Ryder,” she whispered my name on a gasp.

My heart swelled so suddenly at the sound of reverence in her voice it actually hurt. I gripped her in my arms, holding on to her, using her as an anchor to Earth. This was a life-shattering kiss and without her to hold onto I would have fallen hard and deep into the abyss.

I worked my way back up the column of her throat and finally reconnected our lips. It was like a heady sigh of relief when we were finally kissing again. Her legs tightened around my waist and she drew herself closer to me. My fingers dug into her waist, worshipping the feel of her in my arms, the hold I had on her gorgeous body. Goddamn, I needed this to last forever.

But it couldn’t.

Nothing this good could last.

My mind probably would have exploded from the rush of endorphins and pheromones. God, she was so perfect. So mind-alteringly perfect for me.

The door chimed to the entrance of the store and a million filthy curses looped through my head. I felt her pull back and immediately released her. The fallout from this was going to be rough and I would be lucky if I held on to her with the skin of my teeth.

We stared at each other for a moment, neither one wanting to be the first one to say something. She was more stunning than ever freshly ravaged. Her eyes were bright and brilliant, her heart-shaped lips swollen and full. She was deliciously out of breath and her hair looked good and tussled. She looked like mine. And I could have stared at her like that all day, and when the effects of our kiss wore off I would have devoured her some more just to prolong the effect.

I watched all the emotions play across her beautiful face- fear, doubt, panic.

I had to make this better. I had to do it now.

“Ivy, I-“ I tried

She waved me off with a flick of her hand and her expression deepened to utter heartbreak. Hell, no. She was not running from me.

“Well, that was um….” she trailed off and I could see her feet itching to bolt.

She was not recovering well from this.

Obviously she needed some help- like a strong healthy dose of denial.

“Do not read anything into that,” I commanded in my most authoritative voice.

“Uh, Ok,” she agreed with a crinkled brow.

Ok, she needed more than that. “That was not a kiss,” I repeated firmly. She would believe me. I would not f this up the first time I got to taste her sweet lips. Maybe the second or third time, but I was determined to make sure there were more times to screw up than just this once.

“It wasn’t?” she asked with a small smile playing at the corners of her full mouth.

“No, definitely not,” I promised. “It was…. it was a, uh, experiment.” I ran my hands through my hair nervously. I was grasping at straws here, relying completely on my talent to bullshit my way through most things. “I just wanted to see if it was as repulsive as I thought it would be.” I cringed at how stupid I sounded while my entire body protested the idea of that kiss being anything close to repulsive. But it seemed to work with Ivy. Her shoulders relaxed, her forehead smoothed out and her eyes softened just the tiniest bit.

“And was it?” she asked in a shaky voice.

“Yes, Definitely,” I promised, even while my whole body hummed and vibrated with the very idea of kissing her again, of holding her again. To cover my physical reaction to her I lied some more, “Actually it was much worse. You’re a terrible kisser.”

She broke out into real laughter that felt like heaven as it floated over me. “Thanks for the critique.” She smiled at me and we were back to that safe place again- that platonic place. But I let out a deep breath of relief. I could work with this when I had to.

“That’s what friends are for,” I smirked at her. Friends. And that’s when I knew I was in true trouble with Ivy- when I was willing to be whatever she needed me to be, however she needed me to be it. She needed a friend. I would be a goddamn friend, the best she’d ever had until the moment she let me be more.

“Ok, I should,” I had to get out of here before I recanted every ugly, bastard lie I’d just fed her. “Right.” I mumbled.

But as soon as I was through the door I wanted to back up my life, get in an f-ing time machine and stay in that kitchen forever. Because facing me from the other side of the register, with a shithead smug look on his face was the very reason for Ivy’s pain and suffering. Nix.

And he was looking me over like I was some poor shmuck he’d just tossed his pocket change to on the street. He thought he knew me. Worse, he thought he knew Ivy. Thought he could control her.

But I would never let that happen. I would never let Ivy get sucked into his screwed up, sick world.
I was going to war against this, against the world Ivy lived in. And I would fight with everything I had in me until she was safe. Until she was free.

She was my righteous cause, my crusade- she was my future.

And not one of those reasons was because we were friends.


Last week I introduced you to Caylie Marcoe and her journey into publishing! Today, on my Indie Wednesday spotlight, I am super excited for you to meet Theresa Kay!!!!

Theresa released her debut full-length novel, Broken Skies in March and is just taking over the Sci-Fi world. Seriously, who knew aliens could be this hot?? And if that wasn't enough to get you excited, she has a novella series releasing soon!! I am obsessed with these lately and cannot wait to find out more about this super cool world. The prequel, Dark Expanse is already available.

And now, here she is... Theresa Kay!!!!

Hi all! I’m Theresa Kay, author of Broken Skies, a young adult sci-fi novel, and Dark Expanse, a new adult sci-fi short story that is a prequel to a set of serialized novellas to come. I’m also a member of the Rebel Writers, the writing group/author co-op that Caylie Marcoe talked about last week.
I too would like to start off by thanking Rachel for giving me this guest post opportunity (Gosh, Caylie, you took all the best lines) and for going out of her way to support and encourage me and all the other Rebel Writers.

Today I’m going to talk about Veronica Mars… okay, so maybe not since this is supposed to be about me. However, I’m particularly awful at writing about myself, so please excuse me if I ramble on (though I am more than happy to discuss VM or any other fandoms over on my Facebook and Tumblr pages).
What I’m really going to talk about today is my publishing journey and why you should give science fiction a try.

I’ve known I wanted to write from a very young age. It all started when I was seven or eight and we had to write a story in school. Mine ended up being about six pages, front and back, and easily the longest one in the class. From then on, I was hooked.

Throughout school I HATED homework with a passion unless it somehow involved writing. Research papers, essays, book reports…whatever. If it was an assignment I could write, I was happy. I was so enthusiastic about it that my parents actually got me a subscription to Writer’s Digest when I was eleven.

So my childhood and teenage years involved a lot of writing. There were some elementary school writing contests, the middle school literary magazine, creative writing classes and the high school paper. Most of the things I wrote during this time period, I still have and sometimes it’s really fun to look back on them.

And then…life got in the way. I put my dream aside and didn’t write anything for at least a decade.

In 2009, I started hearing about this thing called a Kindle. After I did a lot of research and debated with myself about spending the money (they were much more expensive then)…my husband bought one for me. I started off with freebies, downloading almost every single one I came across. I’d always been an avid reader, but it was the Kindle that really got me back into daily reading and it was through my Kindle that I first started meeting indie authors.

I’ve always been very fangirl-y and between Kindle opening up the world of indie authors to me and social media giving me a way to connect with them, I was ecstatic. Not only could I read all these amazing books, but I could directly tell the authors how much I enjoyed their books and even chat with them about other things.  I formed some online friendships, but at that point I was still strictly a reader.

Then the indie author movement really started picking up steam.  These were real people that were writing their own stories, publishing themselves, and having some great success doing what they loved. Some of the authors I was following started posting on their blogs telling their publishing stories and that little voice in the back of my head started telling me that maybe I could do it too.

It still took over six months before I actually acted on it, but in June 2012 I participated in and completed Camp NaNoWriMo (the summer offshoot of the November NaNo where you write 50,000 words in 30 day) for the first time. I did it again two months later in August. And again in November.

I did my first three NaNoWriMos pretty much on my own, but by the time Camp NaNo rolled around again in April of 2013, I was ready to start participating in the writing communities related to it. I joined a cabin and we started a Facebook group, generally just chatting back and forth.

During this time period, I’d also started joining a few of my favorite author’s street teams and it was in one of those teams where someone asked for beta readers for her work in progress. I’d done beta reading before and her story sounded interesting, so I hopped over to her website and signed up.

A little while later, she emailed me and I ended up with a crit partner instead. We traded chapters of our works in progress and when June rolled around there was a new challenge with the same basic premise called JuNoWriMo and we both went into it together. It was during that month with Elizabeth’s tremendously helpful feedback and support that Broken Skies was born—well, the first draft anyway.  It’s changed a lot since then, but it was my first completed project that I actually felt had the potential to be a real live book.

A few months later my support and encouragement system was expanded even further with the Rebel Writers…and I think my story (and my advice) from that point is mostly the same as Caylie’s

On to science fiction and why you should give it a try…

I read almost every genre and sci-fi is one of my longtime favorites. Most people see the genre as all epic space battles and lots of complicated tech jargon. Quite a bit of it is… but that’s not all it is (though I personally really enjoy that stuff too).

 Science fiction includes subgenres such as post-apocalyptic, time travel, steampunk, and dystopian. On Amazon, The Hunger Games is listed under science fiction (among other categories). Yet, sometimes just classifying a book as sci-fi can turn some readers off.

I knew this going into it with Broken Skies. I knew it was going to be a tough sell just because of the genre, even though the book itself is *not* heavy sci-fi. The story takes place on Earth. There is some tech, but not a lot. And there’s a romantic subplot to it. (NOTE: Dark Expanse, though it is heavier on the sci-fi elements, is also focused more on character relationships than tech.)

There has been a lot of new science fiction coming out in the YA, NA and romance categories that any reader of paranormal or fantasy books would probably enjoy. If you enjoy Rachel’s books, you’d probably enjoy mine, regardless of the sci-fi label. And there are many more out there that that you might LOVE. So, go browse those science fiction categories on Amazon. There are tons of great books there just waiting to be discovered by new readers. You might be surprised at what you can find!

If I’ve convinced you to join the Dark Side (what post discussing sci-fi would be complete without a Star Wars reference?) and/or, if you’re looking for a YA novel with a strong-willed yet vulnerable heroine that just happens to include aliens or a quick NA sci-fi read, please pick up a copy of Broken Skies or Dark Expanse. And if you still aren’t sure, you can always try one out for FREE by borrowing it through your Kindle with the Amazon Prime Lending program.

Please check out the Rebel Writers website too! It’s a little quiet right now, but we’re gearing up and soon it will be filled with discussions on reading, advice on writing, our book recommendations and lots more.


Teaser Tuesday!!!!!!!

First, I should say that, As the World Dies came out today!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!

This is an anthology including the first installments of three serials. Love and Decay, Episode One. Forced Autonomy, Phase One. And Through Glass, Episode One.

This does not include any new material, so if you've read these, this would not be for you. However, if you have NOT read these, then this is a bargain for you and you should download it now!!!! :)

Here is the link.

As the World Dies for Amazon

I'm also doing another Loot Box giveaway this week!!! The goal is 75plus reviews for Starbright!!!! It's already to  61, so if you've read it, make sure you stop by to leave your review!! Then on Friday you can be entered into a chance to win a box full of goodies put together by me!!!!!!

Exciting, right?

Here is the link to make it super easy for you!!!!

Starbright on Amazon

Ok. Now. Finally!!!

Your first teaser of Seth from Starbright!!!!

Enjoy. :)

Seth flipped over my head with lightning fast speed and landed just on this side of safe. He blocked my retreat with his hulking body and I knew that I’d just majorly screwed myself.
If I had to, I could probably call for my mom. But I didn’t know the state Jupiter was in and there was a very stubborn part of me that seriously believed I could handle Seth.
Sure, he was bad. Sure, he was operating without a soul and no moral compass whatsoever to guide him. Sure he hated me as much as he loved me.
But this was Seth.
And he hated me a lot, which meant he loved me a lot, too.
I raised my swords again and assumed a battle-ready stance. “Move out of my way.”
“No,” he growled.
“What exactly is the plan here? Are you going to drag me back to your cave and keep me captive for the next forty-eight hours? Or take me home to meet Aliah and your sister? You can’t stop me from going, Seth. You might as well give up now.”
“And what would be so bad about my cave?” His grin was wicked while he pulled his sword from over his back. He prepared to fight me, with his stance wide and his sword lowered to hip-level in front of him. “We could have a lot of fun there, just the two of us.”
Even though I was so ready to stab him if I needed to, my stomach flipped with his insinuation. “Is that before or after you fillet me for the fun of it?”
“All you have to do is keep my Darkness distracted.” He took a step forward and ran the length of his blade against one of mine. “Something tells me that if I got you alone, you could manage to do that.”
I pulled the sword back and then let it clang against his. This wasn’t him. This wasn’t Seth coming on to me and flirting with me. This was the soulless version of him.
This was the part that didn’t actually care about me or our relationship. This was the part that wanted to use me or abuse me and would do both at the same time happily.
“I’m going to go home now.” I gave him another just barely aggressive clash of our swords and let the vibrations sink into my fingers and wrist bones.
“You can try,” he taunted. 


Happy Monday!!!!!

So in keeping with my tradition of announcements on Monday, I have a bunch!!!

First. I just want to say that I when I was in college, the President of the school was one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. If not the most brilliant.

He was just this genius that existed among us lowly peons. We all knew he operated at a level of intelligence we couldn't even comprehend. And so we sat in our desks lapping up every morsel of intellectual goodness he had to offer.

Seriously, I took every single class he taught.

Most of them were theology or ethics courses and I curse my age and immaturity for not being capable of absorbing the sheer amount of information he offered.

I mean, I love learning. Like... a lot. It's one of my most favorite things to do. (I know that I'm weird. I've embraced it.) And I really love homework. And I really, really love tests. And even more, I love writing papers.

But I was still in college. I still stayed up until 4am on a consistent basis. And I have always been late with every single thing I do, touch or go to.

Plus, I'm a talker.

So probably, I wasn't his most favorite student.

But anyway. I loved his classes.

He's no longer the President of Grace University and I still mourn their loss. The loss of him as their leader. As a professor. As this pillar of consistency and wisdom.

There was this one thing that he did while I attended school that I never understood. I mean... even worse than his ethics class.

He would literally schedule out his day into 15 minute increments. His meetings lasted 15 minutes. His phone calls lasted 15 minutes. His lunch lasted 15 minutes.

From the moment he woke up in the morning until... well, honestly, I don't really know when the 15 minute thing ended. Bedtime? When he left the office? I don't know. But my point is, that I always thought he was crazy.

Seriously. What can a person get done in 15 minutes???


I can't even fold a dryer full of clothes in that short amount of time. And forget meals. My kids inherited my enjoyment of running their mouths.

Our meals are ridiculously long and chatty.

ALL of them.

I'm not even an active part of breakfast. (I can't get my mouth to function properly before coffee) Yet it goes on and on and on and my kids never.stop.talking.

I kept hoping for a strong/silent type.

Apparently, that gene doesn't exist on either side of our family.

Anyway. I always thought he was like this human phenomenon for scheduling out his day so rigidly.

Until now.

Until I have literally started filling out my calender with half-hour boxes of tasks for me to complete. (I need a full 30 minutes to get anything done. Blame the fact that I'm a female all you want, but it takes me longer.)

From the moment we get up in the morning to the moment I go to bed after midnight, my day is meticulously scheduled.

I started doing this on accident. I just had so much going on in March and I couldn't seem to remember my own name, let alone what I was supposed to accomplish on a daily basis that I naturally began putting it onto paper.

Then I started to organize those papers. (Fun fact. I LOVE to organize. You might not think that from looking at me or watching me fumble through life. But I honestly love it.) And now I have the next two weeks mapped out in half hours.

And you know what???

I actually feel in control of my life! I actually feel like I can get this ginormous To-Do List completed!!! It feels amazing.

So thanks Dr. E. Your advice has officially come in handy.

Ten years later.

Oh my gosh... TEN YEARS. Well, eight since I actually graduated from school. But still.

Man, time flies.

Ahem. Back to the point.

I've gotten a lot of questions about future releases! And so far everything is on track.

Love and Decay will definitely, definitely be out this Friday. And it will be out during the day sometime. I won't make you wait until nearly midnight this round.

Also. Whew.

I can't give anything away about this episode but...

I just can't.

If I say anything you will inevitably draw the wrong conclusion or I will spoil it for you.

But just know.


Also, Firelight is still scheduled for April! But like... April 30th. So don't expect it any day now. But I do plan to have it out to you this month.

I'll let you read L&D first. Work through all your issues with that. Maybe see a therapist. Then I'll let you have a wonderful Easter.

Then I'll hit you with Firelight.

See how thoughtful I am???

Ignore my evil laughter.

Another fun thing I'm doing this month is an Omnibus of Love and Decay, Season One!!!! It will have all 12 episodes plus the boy POV's! And a super sexy cover which Caedus Design Co put together for me!!!

The other great news about that is that I'm having all of Season One re-edited!! Woot! And so not only will the Omnibus have better versions of the episodes, but updates for all your purchased copies will be available soon!!!

Also print books!!!!!!!!! I'm working on adding a few more each month to my collections.

So, by the end of this month- cross your fingers, because if anything is getting pushed because I run out of time, it's these babies- I should have Season One of Love and Decay available in print (I'm still deciding if it will be one book or two. Because of the length of the entire season, I want to give you the best value for your money.), also The Starbright Series up through Firelight will be available and The Rush and The Fall will be available in print!!!!! That is so very many books for you to add to your bookshelves!!!

Then in May, I will add Bet in the Dark, The Relentless Warrior, Breathless Magic and possibly Bet on Me. The Star-Crossed Series is also getting a little face lift in print!! Woot.

Gosh. You could have a lot of books from me this summer. What? Where did they all come from???

More importantly, who wrote them?!?!?!

Oh wait. Me...


Ok. That might be it for today's announcements.

I think. I hope. It doesn't matter. I've hit my 30 minute mark. Time to move onto something else!! :)

Oh, wait. Here is the cover for the Omnibus!!! It's gorgeous. So prepare yourself.