The book might be a little late... but don't you love this cover???? Thank you Caedus Design, Co.!!! You are amazing.

The Redeemable Prince is Book #7 in The Star-Crossed Series.

Seraphina Van Curen and Sebastian Cartier thought they were soul mates once upon a time. But for over a year, they have been well aware of just how quickly love can turn to hate and how cruel fate can be.

They might not be able to stand the sight of each other, but that’s okay since they avoid each other like the plague.

When danger strikes too close to home, and ancient Magic surfaces, they find themselves in the center of a deadly war. Seraphina and Sebastian strike an uneasy truce in order to end Dmitri Terletov, once and for all. They must work together to save what’s left of the Kingdom and protect the people they love most.

Along the way, they discover fate isn’t finished with them yet.

Fate is just getting started.

I'm shooting for an early November release!!!!!


You know how everything takes longer than it should??

Like every single thing.

I think I can do something in five minutes and then an hour and a half later and I could swear I fell into a wormhole or time warp or SOMETHING.

Like this morning.

All I needed to do was order some new shoelaces for my oldest child. We're at the stage of life where she either loses them or destroys them.

By the way, how does one go about LOSING shoelaces???

How is that even possible???

It's baffling to me. But it happens so there's not much I can do about it other than adjust.

This is my new reality. I am now a mother to disappearing shoelaces.

Anyway. I jump on Amazon (Because let's be honest, there is nothing better than free two-day shipping. I don't have time to leave my house and hunt down new shoelaces. If it's not on Amazon, she's out of luck. She'll have to learn to wear her shoes shoelaceless. That's just the way it is around here. If you've messed up so bad that Amazon can't fix it... then you better learn that lesson quick. And remember it FOREVER.) to hunt down some new shoelaces. I need at least two pair. One for the pair of shoes she destroyed and another for the pair that she lost. I had never bought shoelaces by themselves before, so I had no idea what to expect.

Turns out most shoelaces come in bulk packs.


I mean, I can't imagine needing twelve extra pairs of shoelaces, but honestly, before this weekend, I couldn't imagine needing two extra pairs of shoelaces. So who am I to turn down bulk?

The great thing about Amazon is the reviews.

Okay, there are some days that I absolutely loathe the reviews on Amazon. And it's probably pretty obvious why... However, after a pint of Ben and Jerrys I can usually snap out of it and go back to appreciating all the people that take time to review products.

Because that is a serious gift.

I admire all people that write reviews. Even the perpetually angry ones.

I never think to leave a review. Ever. I mean, if I like something, I tell all my friends about it and get everyone on board. If I don't like something... I just move on with my life. That's how I am.

And I would never think to write a review for shoelaces I ordered off the Internet.

But. There are people out there that DO think of those things. And to you people, thank you so much.

Because it's not easy to just get on Amazon, search Kid's Shoelaces and find what you're looking for. Oh. No. It's some serious research.

1. I need the right colors.

2. I need ones that aren't going to unravel the second Stella leaves the house.

3. I need KID shoelaces. NOT adult shoelaces.


4. I need enough shoelaces that when her sister and brothers see that she got new shoelaces, I have enough to give to them even though they don't need them.

That's just the way it is with siblings.

So, after some intense research and reading as many reviews as I could get my greedy hands on, I finally found the Bulk Pack I set out to find.

Thirty minutes later.


Is Amazon an alternate universe that sucks you inside of it the moment you click your browser over??? How did the time pass so quickly???

Especially because check-out is so very easy. Check-out takes a total of 17 seconds.

And all I wanted to find was Shoelaces!!

Here's the real question... Are you tired of hearing about shoelaces yet??

Thought so!

Onto the real business: Me.

So, as you can see The Redeemable Prince is still not out...

Sorry guys. I'm working on it! It's just not going as quickly as I'd like.

Here's the thing. January of last year, I made this resolution... Balance. My life needed balance.

Which was a really stupid thing to resolve just before I released Love and Decay, Season two.

There is no such thing as balance during a Love and Decay Season. Believe me.

But, I really wanted it. I really knew I needed it. And I was determined to find it.

Guess what!! It didn't happen. Not even a little bit.

Okay, that was fine. I was okay with that because at least we survived Love and Decay. That was the most important thing. We all came out alive.

Maybe just barely though.

I finished Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Twelve and I looked around at my family and house and wondered if we'd just been through the Zombie Apocalypse!

It was scary!!! And I had the exact opposite of balance.

I had chaos and mayhem and I was super behind on all my other deadlines and I was exhausted .

But I decided right then and there that we would not go through that again. We couldn't. We can't! We will not survive it this time.

And it was more than that. I wanted to do more than just survive our lives. I wanted to create an environment in my home where my kids could flourish, where my husband felt relaxed and at peace, where I felt good about working and good about being a mom and good about being a wife and a homemaker.

And have I accomplished that?

Er, not exactly. I kind of think it's impossible to be that fulfilled without nagging feelings of failure and the hovering suspicion that you are irrevocably screwing up your kids for life tugging at your gut.

I mean, I am a mom.

And honestly I can be okay with that. If I wrestle inadequacy a few times a week, that can be okay. Just as long as those feelings don't consume and control me.

Anyway. I might not have found the perfect formula to balance home and work, kids and a career, marriage and ambition, but I'm taking steps to get there.

Every day Almost every day, I'm striving to level out all responsibilities I juggle. It's not that I have more responsibilities than anyone else or that mine are more important. It's more like I'm just really, really, really bad at balance.

It takes me more time to figure this out. It takes a LOT more focus for me to get it together. And more often than not I get it wrong.

I'm just behind the curve a little bit.

And that's okay. I really am okay with who I am and where I'm at. I just hate it that I can't keep a deadline to save my life.

But I'll get there.

This year, I've already published three books, two Star-Crossed Novellas, a co-written full-length and a Love and Decay season. I plan to publish two more full-lengths and get halfway through the next Love and Decay season.

Oh and the Mash-Up!

That's a lot. And next year I won't be nearly as ambitious.

At least I don't think so... But who knows! I have so much that I want to write!!! Stories I haven't even hinted to you about. Stories that are planned as legit series and already plotted out. Stories I can't wait to tell.

But I'm trying to focus on the here and now. And I'm really trying to focus on balancing everything in my day-to-day life.

So, TRP is coming!!! And the Mash-Up is for sure coming. Love and Decay will start again December 12th. And The Heart will be out before the end of the year.

Please stay patient with me! I promise you, I am doing everything I can to finish these books and do them justice.

And I promise you that you don't want them before they're ready.

Just a few housekeeping items... I'm going to reveal The Redeemable Prince cover on Thursday!!!!!! So get ready for that!!!!!!!! And tomorrow you can expect another teaser from the Mash-Up!

Also, I'll get back to a Writer Wednesday on Wednesday. Zach and I are going to do a podcast on Thursday. And I'm going to do a little Question and Answer thing on Friday!!! So if you have any questions about any of the series/characters/craziness of my life you can submit those questions now and I'll answer them on Facebook on Friday during the segment.

So see you back here on Wednesday!!!


For real.

If you know me in real life, you know that I am honest. To the point of weird. I can't keep a secret to save my life. I can't hide my opinions or emotions. And more often than not, I stick my foot all the way in my mouth because I have no filter.

I just word vomit. Constantly.

Being online is completely different.

I get to hide behind some anonymity. I get to write the perception of myself and update all my million statuses with whatever I want you to see. There's a backspace. And an edit button.

I can read it and reread it and reread it before I ever push publish.

I can filter and crop my pictures and choose which images of me you all get to see.

I can delete any unkind sentiments or ignore the things I don't like.

It's incredible.

In like the really horrible, awful, exhausting kind of way.

Right? Am I alone with this???

Maybe it's the fact that I've had a massive cold/virus thing for OVER A MONTH. Maybe it's the fact that this plague is now pushing into my sinuses and I am positive that tomorrow I will wake up with a sinus infection. Maybe it's the fact that there is some hard stuff happening in my personal life right now. Stuff I'm not ready to talk about yet. Stuff that needs a couple more days, but honestly, these next few days are going to be some of the hardest I've faced until I have answers.

Maybe it's that I'm behind. With all my deadlines. And social media. And the house. And the laundry. And just in general... with life.

Maybe it's the fact that this last weekend I had the most amazing time at Women of Faith. I took in good teaching that came straight from the Bible and spoke to my soul and spirit. I spent time with some of my dear friends that spoke truth to me, that listened to my story and gave me peace. Maybe it's that yesterday I took the day off. Off. All the way off. I read a good book and spent time with my husband and made sure my kids were well fed and ready for the crazy week ahead of us. I ignored the Internet and my daunting work load and I put my feet up and relaxed. And breathed.

Maybe it's all of this. Maybe it's that these things have become a spinning vortex of anxiety in my life and I can feel the pull and suction sweeping up from the bottom. It wants to pull me in and send me into chaos and confusion. And never let me go.

But I'm not going to let it.

I have a lot on my plate. But you know what?? We. All. Do.

There is not one person, not one woman, who is not out there right now juggling a thousand different things while doubts and fears and anxiety and her To Do list assaults her violently and relentlessly.

We are all going through something. Something big. Something that is exhausting and draining and tires out our very soul.

And so I don't want you to look at me and think that I'm complaining or whining or making excuses. I'm not.

Really, I'm not.

At least not at this particular moment.

Don't stick around for too long though because that might change. :)

Right now I'm just trying to accept this crazy life for what it is and get some work done. Any amount of work. Ten words on a page or one status update.

I had a friend say something so true to me last Thursday and I have been saying it like a mantra in my head since last week.

She asked, "How's the writing going?"

And immediately guilt and doubt and anxiety plagued me because I'm behind with TRP and I need to get the mash-up all finished. And I need to start on The Heart so it's not late. And I hadn't blogged in forever. And I have edits of L&D just WAITING for me to get to but I've been too behind with everything else to get them done and uploaded. Plus, I've got all these minor tasks that need to be done. And then there's my non-working life with all its demands. And I feel guilty. And unprepared. And unqualified. And STRESSED OUT.

So, I groaned and said, "UGH. Don't ask!"

She laughed and said, "Are you behind again?"

And I said, "So. Very. Behind."

She laughed again. Because she is a wonderful, amazing woman with four kids and a husband with incredible, mind-boggling aspirations and she homeschools and has a puppy and takes care of her mother, and all these other people. And she is the woman I want to be.

But she laughed and said, "Rachel, you have four kids! I would be more concerned if you were not behind with every single thing!"

See? I told you she was amazing.

Because at that moment I felt the truth of her words. I have a crazy life. And right now it's a little crazier than usual. I don't want to be behind with deadlines. I don't want to have to fight tooth and nail just to carve out space during my day to write. I don't want to have a brain that sometimes refuses to work properly because there are a million things packed inside of it and someone forgot to send me my upgrade.

Well, I say I don't want to. But... really I wouldn't change this for the world. I love the chaos of my world because I get to be a mom and have my dream job. I get to have a career but still be the woman of the house and feel feminine and important to my family, to feel necessary. I get to create and daydream and push myself in ways I never thought I would go and still be an active participant in life so that my creativity keeps coming, so my ideas never stop.

And the best part? I'm not alone.

We're all going through this, right? We're all silently wishing for a Xanax prescription while we juggle all the different hats we wear and struggle to just remember the correct name of the child we're speaking to. We're cursing dinner because who can honestly think of something for dinner every freaking night??? While we're helping with homework and ironing our husband's shirts and breaking up sibling fights and comforting tiny broken hearts and being everything to everybody.

It's a curse.

And it's a blessing.

We are in it. We are in life and we are fighting to survive it.

To simply survive it.

But there is joy in survival and bigger blessings than we knew existed, than we knew were even possible!

So thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for not hating me because I have this horrific disease in which I can't be on time for a single thing in my life. Thank you for reading this and empathizing with me.

I just want to say that this blog post is coming from me. Nobody has said anything to me or written me one word that wasn't absolutely encouraging and understanding.

But I feel the guilt. I feel it heavily. And I hate it. So this is all from me.

One last thought. I just want to encourage you. If you're in it with me. If you're juggling and sprinting from event to event. If your house is in disorder and your laundry pile the size of Mount Everest. If you have little kids who need your attention for every second of every day or older kids who won't give you their attention because they're way too cool for that. If you are longing for kids but that hasn't happened yet or think I'm crazy for ever thinking the idea of procreating was not the dumbest idea ever. If you're working through your career day by day, minute by minute or if you're managing a household and everything that goes along with that. You just need to know that you are not alone. We are all here. In this place. This hard place with hard expectations and hard circumstances.

And you will survive it. It might not be pretty, but it can definitely be happy.

Forgive yourself first. That's what Shauna's comment helped me do. Forgive myself first. And then seek out hope beyond that moment.

Juggle. Struggle. Fight. And forgive. That's what I'm trying to do. And I hope that you're trying it too.



So, like I said yesterday... Bet in the Dark got a makeover!!!

The first thing you should know is that I love this book. 

I think it's one of my favorite books I've ever written. I think. It's hard to pick out which are my faves when there are so many and I love them all like children. :) 

But this one is definitely up there!!! 

Anyway, I've had it re-edited and recovered and re-titled! It got the works!!!

And while it's still the same story! It's a better version of itself. If you haven't read it, now is the time!!!! And if you've already fallen in love with Ellie and Fin, please help me spread the word! :) 

Bonus! In the back of Bet on Us is a sneak peek of The Five Stages of Falling in Love!!!!!! 


All Ellie Harris wanted was a life of her own.

In a shortsighted decision, she follows her high school boyfriend to college, only to get cheated on and then dumped. And to add insult to injury, her overprotective family is suddenly clinging to her again, fighting to control every part of her life.

Bad luck follows her hasty decision and when her roommate steals her identity and leaves town, Ellie is left to clean up a gigantic mess.

Fin Hunter insists Ellie owes him seven thousand dollars from an online poker game and he won't stop until he collects it. Determined to keep her family out of her life, Ellie agrees to work for Fin in his illegal online poker operation. He's given her six weeks to pay off the debt.

Soon sparks are flying between them and the only thing keeping her from falling for him is the debt she still owes and the money she doesn't have.

At the end of those six weeks, Ellie will have to pay the mistaken debt or bet that her feelings for Fin will be worth more than the money.
This book was previously titled Bet in the Dark.


So Sebastian might be redeemable.

But I am not...

The Redeemable Prince is definitely going to be late!!!!!

So sorry guys. I'm nearly done with it and I allow at least a week for editing. So it should be out very soon. Definitely early October!

But... Yeah, I'm late with it.

I have a literal list of excuses, but I'm thinking you don't really care about those!!

I will tell you this though... One of the reasons that it is late, is because about halfway through, I realized this could very well be the last Star-Crossed book I ever write.

And it just hit me. Hard.

I don't mean to be so sappy, but this is seriously an emotional book for me to write. The Star-Crossed Series is what started all of this for me and I want to treat this book with the respect and devotion it deserves.

Up until that point, I honestly couldn't wait to be done with it. Not because I hate the book or anything, but I really am excited to close this chapter- literally. And move on to other things.

This ending is very bittersweet for me. I am super excited about the future, but my heart hurts at the same time.

I'm going to miss this world and all these characters I've come to love like they're real people.

My biggest fear is that I won't do this book justice. And so I'm going to stretch out my release date just a little bit longer and hope that I give you the book you deserve to read.

There are other exciting things happening though!!!

Bet in the Dark is getting re-titled and re-released tomorrow!!!!!!!!! You can actually pick it up today, but the official re-release is happening tomorrow.

Bet in the Dark was a great name... but I find that most people pick it up and expect erotica!

Which it is not... Lol

And when the second book was named in that contest I did a few months back, I decided I wanted all of the books in the series to have matchy-matchy names.

So Bet in the Dark will now be called.... Bet on Us.

Don't you just love it??? I'm going to show you the cover in a little bit. But I'll show you again tomorrow too for the official release. :)

So now the seriess will go like this:

Bet on Us (Available Now)
Bet on Me (Available Spring, 2015)
Bet on Love (Available Summer 2015)
Bet on Forever (Available Fall 2015)

And the entire series will be under the Bet on Love Series umbrella.

As soon as I get The Five Stages of Falling in Love out and Starbright #4, I'm going to dive into the Bet on Love Series and give all the Harris boys a love story!

Oh! And Bet on Us(previously Bet in the Dark) has been re-edited!!! So it is all nice and clean and shiny! :) The email-update won't be available for a while, but you can always delete the book if you already own it from your device and then redownload it(without re-purchasing it) and you should get the new version!!

Here is the new cover!! And the buy links!!!!!

Thank you Caedus Design Co.!!! This might be my favorite cover yet.

Bet on Us for Amazon

Bet on Us for Barnes and Noble