Baby + Work + Everything Else Update

So you've probably heard or seen- since I've posted a thousand pictures of him- that Saxon Zachary is finally here!!!

If you get my newsletter, I sent out an official baby announcement with the story of his birth and plenty of pictures and all the details probably only I care about! Lol. (If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, sign up here!!! I think you'll love it!)

But Zach and I are just thrilled that he is here with us and healthy and happy. Well, as happy as a hungry, sleepy newborn can be. He's just so precious. It's hard to do anything but hold him. 

Plus, it's great to not be pregnant anymore! The volcanic heartburn is gone. Woo hoo! My sciatic nerve works again! It had completely quit over the last few months. Abandoned me. Mutinied if you will. I spent days dragging my dead legs around and wondering if I'd ever be able to not waddle again. But the best part? I can bend over without getting irrationally angry at anyone or anything in the vicinity. I had no idea bending over could be so enraging... Clearly those last few months of pregnancy turned me into some kind of psychotic, hormonal, uncomfortable banshee.

But it's over now. Whew. 

I love having newborns. It's probably what has gotten us into this whole mess of a life with all these children. But I am not a good pregnant person. 

I can admit that. 

After five of these, I've come to terms with it. 

So all of us, the kids, Zach(probably especially Zach) and me are happy that it's over! 

Life is pretty much returning to our new normal. Which means a lot of chaos. And a lot of kids. And a lot of noise. But it's the kind of mayhem we love and cherish around here. 

My brain even feels not so... empty. 

Which is a major improvement. Trust me. 

So where does that leave me with work? I've had so many messages and questions about book releases and Love and Decay and Starbright and on and on. 

First, let me say, again(Sorry if you're tired of hearing this), that 2016 completely imploded for me did not go anything like I expected it to. 

I had big dreams, you guys! Books to write. Aspirations to aspire to. Plans to implement. Goals to reach. Worlds to take over. (just kidding.) 

And instead I spent what feels like the entire year pregnant and useless. As harsh as that sounds, I'm at peace with the year now. It wasn't at all what we expected or planned for, but we have Saxon now. So whatever the consequences- however far my career disintegrated- it was worth it. 

But now it's time to get back to work. 

Big time.

So hopefully that means 2017 will once again be a year for publishing. Publishing all the books. And all the things you've been waiting on.

And at the same time remember how to do this whole newborn thing. You guys, it's been so long! Not just with newborns but with babies. 

Solo, our former-youngest, is four now. He's potty trained. He sleeps through the night. He dresses himself and feeds himself and can even zip up his own coat and put his shoes on. 

There have been these epiphany-like moments for me during motherhood that I've been able to mark real change. 

For instance, when I didn't have to cut up pizza anymore. That was huge! Dinner could suddenly be easy because the baby could pick up his own pizza and eat it without help.

Or when they all started taking showers instead of baths. Suddenly bath night wasn't quite so daunting. Suddenly it didn't take an entire evening to bathe four kiddos! They could do it (mostly) on their own! 

And yet, now we're back at the beginning. Diaper changes. Constant feedings. Sleepless nights. 

My husband was trying to soothe Saxon yesterday while I cleaned up the kitchen and he couldn't get the baby quiet. I walked over and said, have you tried changing his diaper? Zach laughed and admitted, I honestly didn't even think of that! 

That's where we're at. We're trying to remember how to ride this old, rusty, well-worn bike. We're kind of getting the hang of it again... slowly... but we're not quite there yet. 

And yet, we're loving every single second of having a baby again. He's so squishy! And cuddly. And sweet. 

My favorite part is watching my older kids fall in love with him. They are so sweet and so helpful. They've made me promise to bring him to their Christmas parties so they can show him off to their classes no less than 204840 times. And everyone is always fighting over whose turn it is to hold him. Including Zach. 

Saxon is going to be the most spoiled, adored, cherished baby ever. 

And that makes my heart so full. 

Do you know what else makes my heart full??? Actually getting back to real work! I'm going to give you a more detailed update on everything I'm working on next week. It's part of my goals and resolutions blog for 2017. But for now, just know that I'm strongly creating once again.

Life has changed for us in big ways and I know it won't be the same as it was before. I know I'll be slower to finish things. I know my work will be highly interruptable. I know how and when I work will have to change. But it's time to get shit done publish something!

And I cannot wait to do just that!

Until then... Here is Saxon Zachary! 


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