Release Date!

Well. Two things just happened.... Two very important things!

The first.

I just pushed the Publish Button on Endless Magic!!!!!!!!! Hooray! So, in only a few short hours, it will be available to purchase!!!!!

Except on Barnes and Noble.

Sorry guys. They take forever. But you can download from Smashwords and load it on to your Nook. Just an FYI.

The second.

I can officially move on with my life!!!! :)

Not quite as exciting, since this feels like more of the death of something than the beginning....

Oh wait, maybe I should clarify.

I am SO not being insecure. Although, don't worry, I definitely have a Panic Party scheduled for tomorrow night.

It feels like a death because at this point, I am letting this story go indefinitely.... And that is really hard. It has taken up a lot of brain space for the last three years and now there won't be any need to daydream about Eden and Kiran and Jericho and Avalon. It's just.... Done. Finished. Left to the Universe.

Don't get me wrong. I am so, so, so excited to start my next series. I actually came up with this series idea before Reckless, but for some reason Reckless seemed to develop faster.

So, now that I'm ready to begin writing, it's actually kind of sad.

Plus. It's overwhelming.

But every new book is. I always sit at my computer when I'm starting a new book and just end up staring. I think to myself, how the heck did I just finish an entire book when I don't even know how to start this one????? It's a miracle each and every time, I swear.

Of course, I definitely plan on taking a little writing break between now and the moment I type Chapter One. I need it.

Well, maybe not need it. But want it.

I have so, so, so many good books just waiting for me on my kindle, I can hardly sit here and type, let alone get housework done! I need to read.

Plus, for Valentine's Day Zach bought me the Mortal Instruments Series! So, I am very excited to start that!!!!! Isn't he the sweetest?

He bought me that and the first season of Justified. The greatest Television Show ever. Probably EVER.

And I mean that!!

Don't worry, I got my flowers and chocolate too. Although technically, the flowers came from Scarlett, the box of chocolate came from Stella, and the Ferrero Rocher came from Stryker.

Oh, lord, we have SO much chocolate in this house it's ridiculous!!!!!! Like out of control.

Can you donate boxes of Russel Stovers to the homeless??? Because I'm about to.

Not only do we have the chocolate just mentioned, my mother in law sent FOUR boxes of Russel Stovers to us yesterday, Stella and Scarlett had a birthday party with a pinata and candy-filled gift bags to add to her already full School Valentine's Bag. Zach brought home gourmet cupcakes for the kids' dessert last night and for my special dessert he brought me Tiramisu!!!!!!!!

Tiramisu is my absolutely favorite dessert.

I was spoiled last night.

So, what am I supposed to do with all this chocolate???? Besides eat it, because you know I probably could.... Dang it!

I had a fantastic Valentine's Day! Well, I think both Zach and I did! :)

We talked about going out, but we just went out on Saturday.... And we apparently are over it because both of us thought that staying home and cooking a very special dinner sounded way better than paying for a babysitter, driving all the way into town, dealing with the Valentine's Crowds and then overpaying for a meal Zach could do better with.

So we stayed home. Cooked the kids a special dinner and then sent them to bed. And then for me, Zach cooked Rack of Lamb and Roasted Artichokes!

Um. Yum.

It was amazing. He is a culinary genius!!! The lamb had this like herb crust to it and I about died! Although, neither of us were fans of the artichokes.... Apparently I only like mine canned...

But there was a salad to save the day. And Champagne. And did I tell you Tiramisu for dessert...????


Plus, Valentine's Day was made EXTRA special because I got him the best present known to mankind! I was so proud of myself!!! This is probably some of the best gift-giving I've ever done! And I mean that. I rocked it.

First of all, I ordered Zach this T-shirt from this website he LOVES. And he is obsessed with t-shirts so I usually try to find him one for each and every holiday.

This one however has a picture of George Washington on it and it says "I am George Washington."

Zach loves old George. Just loves him. So the shirt was kind of amazing.

Then. And this is the best gift yet. I told you we love Justified. Like love it, love it. I have never wanted to be a Southerner more than when I watch that show. I want a thick, slow drawl and I want to use big words while using it. And then I want to be able to make fried chicken, and drink moonshine. Oh my gosh, how incredible does that life sound?? :)

So what if in my dreams I'm a little bit hillbilly....

Anyway. A couple weeks ago Zach found a store here in town that sells Apple Pie (It's a specific type of Moonshine they make down South. Like, way, way down South.). And he was super excited to buy it, when he walked away for a minute and this other guy swooped in and bought all of it! He just like manhandled the shelf and bought every jar of it they had.

And I do mean jar. It totally comes in a big jar.

So. Then the store was out and Zach couldn't get it.

But I went back as soon as they got more and surprised him last night with a jar of Apple Pie and another one of Cherries infused with something.... I don't know. But they're basically like 50 proof cherries... Yikes!!

But he thought it was the greatest gift ever.

And I patted myself on the back. :)

Then, late last night, I got the email. The email with my Cover Art!!!! I'm so excited. And Endless is getting published only a week late.

Well... Ok, maybe a month late... But still. It's getting published.

Which is very exciting. The act of publishing I mean.

The rest of it, what people will think, is it a terrible book, does it make any sense at all???? That stuff is not so exciting....

Ugh. Oh geez. I think I'm going to die.

Or at least vomit.

Maybe both....

We will see.

If you want to know the truth, I am really, really happy with this book. There was no other way to end the series. And it's the best I've ever written.

But there will be opinions.

By others.

And we'll see.... :)

I cannot wait to talk about it though!!! I'm kind of like, hurry up and read people! And at the same time, just go ahead and take your sweet time.... I cannot wait to tell you how I originally wanted the series to end. Because it's kind of funny now that it's over. And there are other things I would love to discuss. But I'll wait until someone other than my editor and mom have seen the thing!

Until then I want to thank you all for the tons of sweet, sweet, sweet comments, and notes and emails! You guys are amazing and from a girl filled with self doubt, your encouraging words mean the world to me!!!! Thank you so much. And thank you for your patience and understanding... And for reading. That's the most important thing!! :)

Thank you to Carolyn for your hours and hours of editing. For not just fixing my grammar, but cutting out every "again" "as if" "like" and "suddenly!" And for supporting the story line with your point of view! You have no idea how much your gift of grammar means to me. My books would not be what they are without you!

Thanks Mom, for spreading the word, for being my biggest fan, for reading through your Vertigo and for supporting me! I love you!!

Thanks to Pat who takes yard work in exchange for Cover Art and my last minute requests with a shrug of the shoulders!!! You are the best. And a truly, truly talented artist.

And thanks to Zach. The love of my life. You keep me grounded, sane, and confident. Without you, I'd still be sending out queries and learning to live with rejection.

Ok. I've rambled on long enough!

Here is the cover so you know what to look for!!! Enjoy!!!!!!


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  2. ahh you have no clue exactly how excited i am! When i woke up this morning it made my day, i went over to amazon right away *of course you said its going to be a few hours* but you know time doesnt exist when your excited! I wont be able to buy the book until after work (new position= no downtime, and no lunch break) so that means ill be up ALL night reading and its going to be fabulous cause your books and you are phenomenal.... ohh and the cover out thats pretty awesome as well... i suppose it was totally worth waiting for...

    CONGRATS on publishing! excited for your next series! :D

  3. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY! I'm so excited to read the conclusion of this series. The cover does look cool and I'm glad you waited for it! Hurry up, Amazon!!!!!

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING!!! Congratulations on the finished series. I can't wait to read it!!

  5. Okay, I can see it there on Amazon, but it says Pricing information not available. AHHHHH!

    1. Same here!! That's worse than a teaser chapter!

    2. Agreed!!!!!!! AAAAH!!!!! MY BRAIN'S GONNA EXPLODE!!!

  6. I am going to get noooo sleep tonight 'cause i'll be reading Endless Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just wanted you to know your books are my absolute FAVORITE series. Please keep writing great books, you really are an amazing author!

  7. I LOVE THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amazing still has not posted... What's the deal????

  9. I downloaded the sample from Smashwords to give me something to read in the meantime. It's 9 chapters so that's enough to keep me occupied for a little while at least.

  10. It's available on Amazon now!

  11. I'm sooo excited! Going to purchase it now! Thank You Thank You Thank You! Just in time for me to read while I ride my stationary bike! Yes, perfect excuse to read because im exercising! Lol Oh Happy Day! :)


  12. I can't find it on Amazon!!?? What's the deal?? Ahhhhh!

    1. Ok...I finally got it!! Thanks for posting the link on your Twitter Rachel! Amazon was not finding it when I searched...annoying!

  13. Just finished Endless Magic...and let me just say you had nothing to worry about. Going into this book I had my doubts about how you would deal with the love triangle between Jericho, Eden and Kiran, and I think you did so flawlessly. Unlike other books in this genre, you didn't just create an easy out or magical exception that allowed for an easy decision for any of the characters, and I like that you didn't rush this part of the story. It's rare to come across a story as refreshing as this one, but I think your true talent lies in character development and building the world within the story. I hope you keep writing and keep creating because you've done an amazing job in such a short time. Thank you for sharing your gift:)

  14. Had just finished the book as well. I'm just so very sad this series had to end.. but what can we do. Every good story has to come to an end :[ I definitely loved the book! Kiran just totally WOWed me. I guess, as much as I truly loved Jericho for being such a great guy, I have always always loved Kiran. But, Jericho will always be the perfect man, aside from Kiran. *sigh* I will need to reread the books again. So far, this is the only series I totally obsessed over after Twilight (until the movie with some horrible actors). I was very much dedicated to finishing this series as soon as the books came out. It was DEFINITELY worth the wait! I'm going to miss Kiran, Eden, and Jericho :[ And I sure hope Jericho will find his soultmate.

    I shall be looking forward to your upcoming series! I just wish you would make an extension to Kiran and Eden's story lol maybe a side story of when they have kids? or how the kingdom has become years after the wedding? or an update on Jericho and Avalon? Well, one could only hope. I just need my fix for my addiction to your books ;D

    At least, now I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and get back to my studying for the next month. Thank you Rachel Higginson for sharing with us such exceptional stories!

  15. I'm a day late, but thank the Lord, I'm not a dollar short. Just downloaded it from Amazon, and here I sit at work, with my kindle in my purse, wondering just how I can get away with reading instead of working?? I'll make sure I review it on Amazon when I'm finished..Knowing it's the final book in the series has me a little nervous about starting

    Thanks Rachel, I have loved the books!

  16. Rachel...It.Was.Awesome!! A perfect story and ending, you seriously had nothing to worry about. I did however, worry a teeny bit when a few months ago on a blog post you mentioned how much you LOVED Jacob and it got me thinking about the whole Jherico/Jacob angle. I hope one day to read where your thoughts were on that subject! But anyway, thank you for a great series!! I will definately stay a loyal blog and FB follower. Also, I have totally related to all your family stories and woes as I am also a mother of 3 kids!! (my daughter's name is Rachel too! :-) so great name!) Thank you for sharing your gift, and I wish you the very BEST of luck!!
    Amanda Lamb

    I am from OK and have had Apple Pie (the homemade moonshine version) WOW is all I have to say--that stuff was POTENT!! LOL.

  17. Any news on when it will be available on Barnes and Noble? I am dying to read it and do not want to join smashwords. Thanks!

    1. Same here! It hasn't come out yet and it's march... i'm getting worried! luckly i'm behind everyone and i just finished the thrid book. But now I want to read the fourth book! PLEASE IM DYING OVER HERE!!

  18. I have loved reading all of your books. What a wonderful way to end the series. Loved It!!!

  19. Just finished it and loved the series! Thank you so much! Oddly enough, the book with price appeared on amazon UK site while the US site still said no pricing :D I was quite happy :)
    Thanks again!

  20. ALL I CAN SAW IS WOW!! That was AMAZING!! I was sad for Kiran at first, then I was sad for Jericho but I am so happy it ended the way it did!! Now I am sad the series is over...Thank you so much for sharing this story!! Like I said it was AMAZING!!!

  21. I loved every minute I spent reading this series! I definitely think this ending is amazing (especially since I always root for the underdog). I am excited to see what else you had in mind as you have mentioned before. Great job!!

  22. Awesome ending to the series Rachel! As much as I have enjoyed the first 3 books, I had my doubts also about how you were going to resolve the love triangle without taking the easy way and what you did was a really great way to end the story. I am already looking forward to re-reading the series until your next one comes out!

  23. Just finished Endless and it was the best yet! It's hard knowing the series is complete but I will definately be rereading it! Great job and hurry with your next book :)

  24. Rachel-
    I dont know you, you dont know me... BUT I LOVE YOUR WRITING. Feel in love with Eden, Avalon, Kiran and the rest... I totally read this last book in less than a day. You ended it well and did it justice.
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING. I'm really going to miss these characters. Fitting end.

  25. I finished all the books, and just wanted to say they were amazing!! i was obsessed and could not put them down reading literally till 4 in the morning each night. i loved the whole story line, and i loved how i couldnt figure out who she was gonna end up with! But i loved the way the story ended, i was sad at first for Jericho especially after the 3rd book when i wanted Eden to be with him but when i got to the last book i couldnt decide anymore. Once Jericho broke it off with Eden knowing that she was meant to be with Kiran and that he wanted better for himself someone with who he could find a love like Eden and Kiran's made it easy for me to let him go. I loved finding out the truth about Kiran and that made me so happy that him and Eden had ended up together. Im sad to see these books come to an end cause i absolutely loved them but im glad it ended the way it did and it was a great series! my new favorite! I am definitely looking forward to reading more of your books and series (:

  26. Loved the book! I hate to see the series end, but that book was fantastic. I think you tied up the love triangle very well...I was really questioning whether or not Eden would be able to ever fully get over Kiran, but I'm glad it ended the way it did. It wouldn't have been right any other way! I can't wait to read your next series!!!

  27. I can't tell you how much I loved this series. I became completely obsessed after reading the first three books. The fourth book completely lived up to my hopes and more--it was a great end to the story!!! Yay!! I can relate to the people saying they will miss all the characters and I understand wanting to know more...but me, I wanted to read about their wedding night before it all ended!! (short story in the future??) :) Anyway, thanks for such a great series. I think a full re-read is in order because I'm not ready to completely let go!

  28. I had perfect timing! I read your first three books in the last week and started looking for book number 4 about 2 days before it came out and that short wait killed me. Really a great series! I could not put it down. I'm so sad to be done with the books but now that I have all the answers I think I will be re-reading the series from the beginning knowing what I do now. I could not be happier with the ending. It was perfect. I just wish some of the other characters stories and futures could have been shared...did Avalon really stay a bachelor? Just one of the many questions I would ask. Thanks for the series definitely one of my favorites.

  29. I went back & re-read the Fearless; it had been a bit since I read the first 3 & knew I couldn't wait through re-reading all 3 before I started Endless. I'm glad I did...the 3rd is such an emotional rollercoaster, then to follow it up with Endless! What a great ending! You definitely made me believe in Jericho, and then back again with Kiran. I felt like I was the emotional 17 year old, too. (And I'm so totally not!...well, not 17 anyways) Can I point out one thing??? You still have quite a few contextual grammar & punctuation mistakes. Many times, the word is spelled correctly, but you’re using the wrong word; one that I clearly remember is “passed” instead of “past”. Any time you want another proof reader, let me know. ;-) BTW, I grew up in the Omaha area, too, so that was a fun aspect of the books. Well done! I loved this series!

  30. I really would love to read the last book because the series is just that amazing,but you cant get it for nook and I there are no bookstores nearbye me. Sooo i guess ill have to wait awhile :( But than,s for a get book seriesnother wise I loved it :D

  31. Please im begging come out with the nook version of this book!!!!!!

  32. I just read it, and then went and re-read the whole series because it was that good! I started the book totally pro-Jericho and was NOT willing to forgive Kiran, ever. But--well, no spoilers. I loved it! I also can't believe you wrote a book where the heroine was trapped in a castle for the whole book and still have it be interesting. I also tend to roll my eyes at YA fiction romances, especially soulmates, but I still devoured the book and left it completely satisfied. Great job!