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Do you like the new layout??? 

My husband looked at my blog and said... This is a travesty. 


So, he made his best attempt to turn me into a professional. 

Silly man. 

However, I do love the new look!!! And I'm really thankful one of us is concerned with at least looking professional. 

Since clearly it isn't me!!!

Actually this is me right now:

And I'm not even kidding!!!!

But to be fair, I am working super hard on Bet on Me!! And this deep into the writer's cave, there isn't much sunlight. Or other humans. Or a reason to wear anything but three day old pajamas and a scrunchie. 

Just kidding. I don't actually own a scrunchie. 

The rest is all true. 

So, what I would really love to do is give you a release date for Bet on Me so you can get excited!!!! But I can't do that. Because I don't trust myself. 

See? I'm a grownup. I know my boundaries. And I am not to be trusted. 

I do have to say that I am LOVING this book though. It's so much freaking fun. 

I've had a rough writing year. Okay, truly, it's been an amazing writing year. But it's also been deeply emotional. 

My heart has hurt basically the entire 365 days. There was Five Stages. Which wrecked me completely. I cried on every single page of that book. And then I cried on every single page of that book every single time I read through it. Oh my goodness, that book messed me up. 

And then there was Love and Decay. Season Three was one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I've ever written. I was proud of myself for what L&D became. And I was amazed at the story and arc and ending. But I also had to say goodbye to too many of my beloved characters. One of which is Reagan because I don't get to write in her POV anymore. And I had to write highly emotional scenes that I threw my entire heart and soul and mind into. Let me tell you, that series was just as hard on me!!!

Then The Heart. Another series conclusion where I had to say goodbye to not just characters I loved, but also an entire world. Plus, that story is just as emotional, just as devastating, just as impactful. For me at least. 

And right after I finished The Heart, I jumped into Every Wrong Reason. Have you read that book??? I mean, talk about tears. Yeesh!!! That book ripped open my soul, clawed at my insides, did a salsa dance on my heart and then somehow molded me all back together again as if I were made of playdo. 

So, after a year like that... I'm so thrilled to be writing something lighter and fun and so just... romantic. 

I'm having so much fun with Beckett and Britte! They are hilarious. And stubborn. And thick-headed. and every single thing I love about my characters. 

And I can't wait for you to have this book, because I think you need a break from your emotions too!!! 

If my last few books have made you read them through your unending tears. I'm hoping this one will make you read through a constant smile. I just want happy grins and butterflies and fluttering hearts. Nothing else. 

Aren't you excited for this book too now???

If you are new to my books and don't know what Bet on Me is or where it came from, let me tell you. It is the second book in a series of Stand-alones. The first book in the series is called Bet on Us- although both books can be read completely separate from each other. I published Bet on Us back in 2012... So basically forever ago.

Bet on Me has been a VERY long awaited book. So I'm so happy to finally get to write it. 

Here is the link to Bet on Us in case you want to start there!!! 

In the meantime, enjoy this little (very unedited) snippet from Bet on Me!!!! Release date: COMING SOON!!!

The barista appeared and smiled at us, handing off our separate cups. “Chai Tea? Caramel Macchiato, soy, no whip, extra shot?”
I had been too nervous to pay attention to Beckett’s order. I raised an eyebrow at him. “Chai Tea?”
He cleared his throat and looked away. “I don’t like coffee.”
“Well, then we just cannot be friends.” I squeezed between another set of closely grouped chairs and plopped down onto a wide fluffy chair made from green corduroy.
Beckett took the navy blue monstrosity next to me. “It all makes sense now.”
I slid him a sideways glance. “What makes sense?”
“You’re a snob.”
“I’m not!”
He gave my white cup a pointed look. “I don’t even know what you ordered. I think I need a coffee dictionary to figure out what went into that drink. You’re a coffee snob. You look down on those that don’t worship at your coffee god’s feet. I’m sorry I’m different, Britte. But I hope you can find it in your heart to accept me anyway.”
I couldn’t help but laugh, despite myself… despite the riot of nerves in my stomach… despite my no-Beckett policy… despite his ridiculous sense of humor. “You are different, but I’m not judging.”
“Yeah, right. I know your type.”
I couldn’t help but take the bait. This was actually kind of fun. “My type?”
“Sure you do. Beautiful girls that don’t have time for Chai. You probably troll Starbucks for double-shot-espresso-drinking douches. You’re perfect guy has yellow, coffee-stained teeth and the shakes.” 



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  1. I did love Every Wrong Reason :)
    Didn't readh Five Stages yet because I get it is really emotional but will get the courage one of these weekends, yes it needs to be a weekend because I know I will not be able to drop it till I finished!
    Any plans on Seth and Stella? Big hug