About Release Dates...

Hey-O!!!!! It's Parker Friday!!!!!!

Are you excited for Episode 9???

I'll post as soon as it's live. It just isn't live yet. But it will be soon!!!!!!

Also... The Heart!!! I'm still finishing it up. I am on the last lap... but I just haven't reached the finish line yet.

I will keep you posted and have some more teasers for you next week!! I'm really really excited for this book. I hate that it's taking so long, but I want it to be the best book for the end of this series. And I'm hoping I'm on the right track.

That leads me to this blog and what I want to talk about.

So, most of you that follow me know that I have a huge issue with getting books out on time! I could give you the spiel that I have four little kids or that I have way too many projects going on or that Love and Decay TAKES OVER MY LIFE when I'm in the middle of a Season and it's impossible to get anything done...!!!!

But the truth is, I'm a late person by nature. I am late to every function I ever try to attend. I'm late to church. To drop my kids off at school. To dinner with friends. To important meetings. To life in general.

I'm even late to my own house when I host things!!!!

When I was in college I went on academic probation my freshman year because I was late to curfew too many times. In fact, during my sophomore year, I had to have meetings with the Dean of Women and an RA to "talk" about my lateness.

I went to this small Christian college and so the Dean of Women spent an entire semester telling me how being late is a sin.


And guess what??? It did not help anything!

I'm later now than ever.

Also, thankfully, I believe in a God that is merciful and forgiving and loves me because of my lateness.

I try guys. It's one of those things I am CONSTANTLY working on. I make it a New Year's Resolution every stinking year. I just hate that I can't get to places or get things done on time.

But I'm also 32. It's time to embrace the realization this might not ever change about me. I might just be stuck as this person.

Where it really bothers me though is with books and releasing them. I hate that they're often late and that I constantly seem to be moving release dates around.

It's frustrating for you and it's devastating for me. And let's be real, it's just not working.

I can't even take my own release dates seriously anymore... and that's saying something.

And it's not saying something good.

So, after a lot of thought and contemplation, after throwing the idea at my Panel(Who by the way were all like, Uh, why didn't you do this sooner???) and my agent and my husband(Who also by the way was all... Ugh.... Rachel...... Just do whatever you think is best....) (Clearly he could not be bothered by my epiphany.) I have decided to stop giving release dates.

Say what???

Yep. They're gone. I'm throwing them ALL out the window. You shall not get a release date from me ever again!!!!!!!!!

Well, okay... that's not exactly true. But for the most part, I'm going to approach it by simply telling you the book I'm currently working on. Once I finish the book and get it edited, then I'll assign a release date and let you know when you can get it in your hands!!

That doesn't mean you'll never get to hear about the book until it's finished. I'll definitely keep you updated through the whole process, posting teasers and excepts and landmarks. I think I'll be more open about each project because I won't feel the pressure that I needed it done three months ago and what the heck am I DOING WITH MY LIFE.

I just think it will be better for all of us.

I will keep a couple of release dates throughout the year. Those would be Love and Decay. You'll always know when to expect those because of the two week release schedule.

Also, since adult contemporary is new to me, I plan to keep those release dates set in stone while I build an audience over there. My next adult contemporary is due September 22nd... in case you want to write that one on the calender. :)

So now instead of picking specific months to release in, I'm going to give you a release schedule that has the books in order of how I'm working on them. That way you'll know what to expect of the book you're waiting on.

Here is a tentative list of what I have so far:

1. The Heart (3rd book in the Siren Series)
2. Bet on Me (2nd book in the Bet on Love series)
3. Every Wrong Reason (Adult Contemporary Romance, September 22nd)
4. Heir of Empyrial Fire (4th book in the Starbright Series)
5. Bet on Love (3rd book in the Bet on Love series)
6. Love and Decay, Season Four (Starts December 4th)
7. Next Adult Contemp... Not yet named.
8. Heir of Realms (5th book in the Starbright Series)
9. Bet on Forever (4th book in the Bet on Love series)

That's it so far!!! Hope that all makes sense!! I'm still going to be working just as hard, I'm just hopefully taking away the disappointment! :) Thanks for sticking we me!!!!! <3 p="">


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  1. Good for you! Too many deadlines are overwhelming. I don't know about you, but I find myself getting freaked out and going even slower when too many are looming. Of course, I'll still wait anxiously for every L&D because I have a Parker (read Hendrix) addiction. But again. good for you!

  2. Very excited to hear about your new stuff Rachel, especially that Bet on Me is after The Heart! I can't wait!

  3. I am figuratively dying while waiting for the heart. When you are finished, please make sure it is available in ebook form on bn.com. I love your books, I've already finished 2 of your series in a week.