Big L&D News!!!

Here is the announcement I made in my newsletter last Friday!!!! Hope you're as excited as I am!!!

The Big Love and Decay Announcement!!!!!

Are you ready for it??? Are you sure???

To all of those who guessed I was pregnant by the way… SHAME ON YOU! Just kidding. But for real… We can’t even joke about that.

There are too many kids in this house as it is!

And I love them all.

Most of the time.

Ahem. Where was I?

Oh. The bigggggg announcement!

So I’ve always said that Love and Decay would be three season from Reagan’s point of view. And it is. This is our very last season with Reagan as the narrator.

Doesn’t that make you so sad?? She is definitely one of my favorite female leads of all time. I just love her. And I love writing her. But her journey is coming to an end and it’s time to move on.

Which is a bummer. But also awesome because…


That’s right! Season Three might wrap up Reagan’s world, but I’ve decided to continue Love and Decay for more seasons!!!!

All of this Zombie goodness is not going to end! We’re going to continue both the love AND the decay!

Who will the new narrator be???

Well, for that you’ll have to finish out Season Three and see who survives! *Insert evil laugh here*

I’m going to keep up the December through May release schedule, so Season Four, Episode One will be coming to you December 11th, 2015. And buckle up because if we’ve had to deal with Zombie Armies, Cannibals and Mexican Warlords at every turn… just imagine what’s going to happen in Season Four!!!

Who do you think will survive the season?? Can your heart even handle any more Zombie-fueled excitement???

I hope so! Because there are so many heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing, jaw-dropping things to come! 


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  1. In my opinion.

    I feel like it would be even more interesting if you put the new season in tethe innocent darling baby sister.
    Yes Paige.

    I feel like it would be incredibly interesting to see her view on the apocalypse and her opinion of her older siblings choices.

    But that is just my own personal opinion.

  2. great :)

    love the series. Thank you Rachel!