Monday Routine

What? Two blogs in only a few days! 

I know. Crazy!

But I'm trying to get back on a routine... *Trying* is the key word there. It's not easy!!! 

And my life is a little bit of a... what's that word? Oh, right. Disaster! 

But I've recently hired help. And I'm working hard to sort things out! So hopefully I can find an even stride of some kind. 

For a long time I used Mondays as a way to catch you up on everything going on. (It seems to change weekly.) So I thought I would get back to that. 

First. Giveaways. 

If I owe you something in the mail... It's COMING! I promise!!!

I am months behind. 

Which is horrible. I know that it is. And I feel like a horrible person because of it! But here's the thing... I'm a hot mess. And I don't have my life together in anyway. So. There's that. 

Not much of an excuse. 

But it is literally all I have. 

Well, that and my children destroyed my hard-copy of giveaway winners and what they won... 

So, I hired help to go through all of the winners, figure out what they won and stay on top of me until everyone gets what they are owed! 

And then once that happens, I'm going to be doing lots and lots of giveaways!!!! And hopefully we won't run into this issue with me again. 

There will be spreadsheets. Those solve everything. 

Second. The Heart.

So... this release has obviously been pushed. And pushed some more. And finally... pushed some more. 

I hate that it happened. But... here's the truth. Last year, 2014, I wrote five full-length books. I published four. And then there was Love and Decay. 

I didn't touch the contemporary world except for 5 Stages. I had wanted to get to Bet on Me. It didn't happen. I had wanted to write 5 Stages for that entire year... it didn't happen until I pushed all of my upcoming deadlines and made it happen. 

But frankly, I needed a break! I live and breathe YA Paranormal. Truly. That is what I will always go back to. But just like I will never write only one series or focus on one project because I like to step away and give myself perspective. I will also never be able to write only Paranormal. 

I love genre-hopping. I love trying everything! And I really love taking breaks. :) 

This year I have a lot planned, but I think it will be different from last year. Last year I had a lot planned and not nearly enough of it happened. I think I got too caught up in paranormal everything and my feet started to drag. It lost some of its luster. This year the plan is to switch it up almost every other book. I'm hoping that will keep everything fresh and fast. 

I'm also super ambitious though and I never quite take into account how much life interrupts my career. :) 

So anyway, The Heart is now scheduled for the end of March. And I will put it up for pre-order soon just to set it in stone for you! 

Third. Print books and Ect. 

Part of pushing The Heart for another month is to give myself a little more breathing room to finish up tasks that need to get done but I haven't had time for. 

Such as getting the rest of my books in print! I plan to have the rest of the Star-Crossed Series in print by the end of this month! And I'm going to keep working on L&D. 

Part of the hold up with L&D is that I'm also re-editing old episodes. So, as I get those caught up and updated online, I'll move the volumes to print too!! 

The Five Stages of Falling in Love is actually already available for print! You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

I'm also working through my email and Facebook messages... I've told you I'm a hot mess, right?? :) My email had something like 48k of unread emails when I started!!! (THAT IS INSANE!) I've got it down to 14k. I'm pretty proud of myself for that. 

But as I go through it, I'm finding a LOT of emails I hadn't seen before. They were lost beneath ads for Old Navy and Groupon daily messages. So, if you sent me something as far as three years ago.. be prepared for a response. FINALLY. 

I promise I'm not trying to be a douche. I'm just... overwhelmed with life.
But I'm pretty sure I would be this way whether I was a writer or not. So... there's that. Lol! 

Okay... I think that's it. For now? Maybe. Hopefully... 

Happy Monday to you!!! And if you haven't read The Five Stages of Falling in Love yet... What are you waiting for???? :) 

PS Love and Decay comes out THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! 


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