It's Been a Long Time, Shouldn't Have Left You

Without a dope beat to step to.

Step to.

Sorry. That song is from the 90's. But my husband sings it ALL the time. So it's constantly in my head.

Now it's in yours.

Don't hate me. :)

Anyway. Let's get to the heart of the matter. I've been gone a while... And I really didn't mean to just disappear, but sometimes life get's in the way and I have to fight my way back here.

A week ago, my mom and I took my kiddos up to Wisconsin to celebrate my great aunt's 102nd birthday! We had an amazing time. And I loved spending time with my family.

But I also took a vacation from the internet.

A nice vacation.

Magic and Decay kind of took it out of me. And I really enjoyed the time up there to recuperate. And then when I got back, there was more recuperating.

You know how you just need a day to do nothing once you've been in the car with four kids for nine hours and nothing but kid songs and a 2-year-old screaming nonstop??

Yeah, that day was Sunday for me.

Then I meant to blog Monday, but it was so very productive that I never made it over here. And then I meant to blog yesterday, but I got a call from the school instead.

That my kids HAD LICE.

Yep. Lice. It was our first go at it. And I really, really, really hope I got it all! Like... you cannot believe how grossed out I was.

Or how long it took me to take care of everyone in this house who could have possibly had it.

And I'm still in the middle of laundry. I've never done so much laundry in my life.


It's really amazing to me how productive one day can be and then how the next just crumbles to ashes.

There were certain things I had to get done yesterday in the middle of all this lice mayhem. And.. yeah... yesterday was a bad day.

The good news is that now all of the bedding in the house is spotless, the mattresses have been cleaned thoroughly, the laundry is moving along and the stuffed animals have been disinfected.

You know, it's all those deep-cleaning projects that I think I'll get to "some day" which really means NEVER.

I've been meaning to wash all the big, bulky bedding for a while. And by that, I mean, I keep thinking about it whilst putting it off.

Now I had a reason and it got done.

Unfortunately that meant writing did not get done.

Still, there's today! And today writing is going to happen.

It has to happen.

Trust me.

Because I am so very close to having TRP done. Soooo. Close. So close that I can say for sure you will get it this month. That it will be in your hands. And that this lengthy saga will finally conclude!!!




I'll post like crazy as soon as it is. I think I'll throw a party too. And drink champagne. And sleep for days. :)

I'm also working on Love and Decay this month!! I cannot wait to share Season Three with you! We're only just over a month out from Episode One!!! Woot!!!

I have some big announcements coming this month too. But I'll have to save those for later.

The biggest thing that happened today, was that I released a box set of The Star-Crossed Series! What?? I know!

I decided a week ago to do it. And then it came out today. I'm super awesome at marketing, so that's why you've never heard about it until now. :) There's nothing new in the series! It's just all bundled together for your easy-reading pleasure. Or if you want to share it with your friends!!

And... the cover is sooo gorgeous. Because Caedus Design Co. is a genius.

Here is the buy link if you're looking for it!!! And check out the gorgeous cover!!!!!

The Star-Crossed Series Box Set for Amazon


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