Happy Monday!!

I need to get into yoga.


And that is for real!!! My writer's hump is out of control and I have terrible posture. It's messing up my already messed up back in major ways.

Le sigh.

Oh, wait. This isn't a therapy session???


But it's all true!

And it's just one of my excuses, because I feel like I've been really absent from the Interents of late. And it's because I've been working so much.

Also. I've been trying this thing where my personal life is balanced with my work life... and... it's time consuming. :)

I mean, not time-consuming. But, it means I ignore the Internet most of the time because when I do have computer time, I'm trying to get words on a page.

The good news is, my house is clean!!! My laundry is semi-caught up (But when is laundry ever fully caught up??? Never.). Dinner has been happening on a nightly basis. Major improvement from the last two years. And my kids are doing well in school.

So whew.

And I'm mostly on target to get all these books out to you this month!!!!!

That is...

That is amazing.

I can't even tell you how amazing. I haven't been on time with a deadline (Other than L&D which doesn't really count) in... um... Since Fearless Magic??

Um. Yeah...

I'm awesome.

Anyway, I'm tentatively thinking The Redeemable Prince will be released around the 28th or 29th.

Hey!! It's still September. :)

And Brazing, the second book in The Forged in Fire series that I write with Lila Felix, will be out the 20th!!!

What?? Two full length books from me this month!!!

Hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed. Super crossed. Maybe your toes too.

But that is the plan!!

Also, there's been a little bit of confusion? The Redeemable Prince is the LAST book in the Star-Crossed Series. The very last one!!!

I think.


Also, the Mash-Up is coming next month!!! This small book has nothing to do with any of my series. Not really. I'm basically taking some of my couples and throwing them into the Love and Decay world for a while.

Yep, Eden and Kiran fighting Zombies!! Get ready.

That will come out the week of Halloween.

The Heart, the final book in the Siren Series comes out in November!!!

And the Five Stages of Falling in Love, my next contemporary, comes out in December. Along with the release of Love and Decay, Season Three.

Oh, my goodness. So. Much. To. Look. For.

That's a lot when I list it out like that!!!

Just to warn you, my 2015 is going to slow way way way way down.

But I'm excited to wrap up a few of these series. And I'm really, really excited to give you The Five Stages of Falling in Love.

This book is holding my heart captive right now. Like, we're in serious hostage negotiations.

I'm very anxious to hear what you guys think of it.

Final announcement!

I'm leaving this Thursday for Penned Con in St. Louis!!!!! There are still tickets available! So if you haven't picked yours up yet, go get them now!!! And then come see me!! I'll have books for sale and be signing for two full days.

It's going to be a great time. I know you want to come! :)

I'll see you back here on Writer Wednesday!! Be on the look out for some teasers tomorrow!!!!


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  1. I cannot wait for this mashup or the Redeemable Prince heck everything!! You are way too good to us Rachel!!

  2. I really hope that you change your mind about ending your magic series. Can't wait dor Mash-Up and the redeemable Prince to come out. I love this series and have fallen for all the charecters. Thank you