Fateful Magic Pre-order!

Last night on the podcast we talked all things Amazon vs. Hachette and other publishing-industry whatever. 

But most importantly, we talked Preorders!!!!!!!

If you missed the podcast, you can check it out here: Zach and Rachel Take Over the World.

It's so crazy. But like in a fun, am-I-on-drugs kind of way. :)

You're not. Don't worry. 

Anyway. Zach mentioned that I would have a preorder up for sale very soon. Amazon just released this option to Indie writers yesterday. It is SO exciting. 

What it means is that I can put a book of mine up for sale long in advance of the actual release date. You have the option to buy any book I put for presale whenever you want before it goes live. 

Hip hip hooray!!!!

This also means, that if a book of mine is for presale it WILL NOT miss its deadline!!!!! It cannot miss its deadline, because I will have already uploaded the book and made sure everything is in working order.

See how great that option is for you???? 

It's a little bit scary for me, but I'm rolling with it. 

It's also the reason not every book I write will be available for pre-order. I just don't trust myself and I would probably die of all those pre-orders came in and the book didn't make it. 

I might actually die. 

So all that to say, I'm going to be very, very picky with my pre-orders. And probably hold off on my full-lengths for a long time. 

But my shorter novellas... such as Love and Decay... will definitely jump into this new, exciting avenue of publishing. 

And not just Love and Decay, but other novellas as well.

Such as Fateful Magic!!!!!!!

I had already planned to release it at the end of this month, so last night I uploaded everything and this morning it is now officially available for purchase!!!!!

Which is really, really fun!!! (For me at least.) :)

Okay, enough rambling.

Without further ado... Here is the Fateful Magic cover, synopsis and link to buy!!!!!! 

Lilly Mason has had a rough life. And an even rougher relationship with her fianc√©, Talbott Angelo. 

She has felt hopelessness in hopeless situations and despair when the world seemed to crumble around her. But one person has been her rock through it all, the love of her Immortal life, Talbott. 

Their relationship has been through as many ups and downs as Lilly’s safety. There was a time when Lilly was certain they could never have a future. And then, when a future together became possible, there were too many other reasons for Lilly to put off the man who wanted to marry her. 

Talbott wants to finally give Lilly the wedding she deserves. And Lilly just wants to say “I do” to the man she has loved since she was a teenager. 

When outside forces threaten to rip these two Immortal soul-mates apart once again, Talbott and Lilly will do whatever it takes to make their union permanent. They will sacrifice whatever they need to in order to turn their fateful love into something that lasts as long as they will.

Coming to Amazon (And Barnes and Noble) August 29th, 2014 

And now... My very first Pre-order link... Fateful Magic for Amazon


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  1. Wow! I'm so excited about this. Thank you Rachel.

  2. Yeah!!! Pre order complete. I adore these two and can't wait to see their story unfold. Beautiful cover as well!

  3. Just ordered. The cover is gorgeous!