Fateful Magic, Paperbacks and More!

I have a lot going on today!!!!

In the book world that is.

Well... in real life too I suppose.

Tonight, I'm going on a triple date to see a hypnotist! I've never seen one in real life before. I'm very intrigued. It's supposed to be a comedy act, so that makes it even better!!!

Plus, the couple's we're going with are some of my most favorite people in the world. I love them. And we usually laugh until it hurts. I love it when that happens!

Anyway. I'm not sure you care about any of that. :)

So.. .book related stuff. And. Go.

Fateful Magic came out today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!

I've been telling my betas that this story is pretty fluffy. I mean... there's definitely substance, but it's just all gushing love and mushiness. And the kind of love so great your heart hurts. And it's about Talbott and Lilly.

It's the story I've wanted to write for them for a long time.

Here it is...

Fateful Magic for Amazon

Fateful Magic for B&N

Okay... Then on top of that... The paperback for Love and Decay, Volume One came out today!!!!!!!!!

So now you can own your very own physical copy. You can hold it in your hands. And rock it to sleep. And spoon with it on the long, cold nights. And kiss it good morning. And... Okay. That's probably enough.

You get the idea.

It can be yours. In your hands. And all that greatness!!!

Eventually it will be available on most online retailers, even Barnes and Noble. But for today, it's just on Amazon.

Still. It's Prime!!! Hello, free two-day shipping!!!!!!


Love and Decay, Volume One in Paperback

And the last thing you can get of mine today... although this one is FREE... is Striking!!!!

Striking is the contemporary NA I wrote with Lila Felix. We are working on the second book right now. Actually, right-right now. I'm taking a break from it as we speak.

Striking is free through the weekend!!!!!! And even though it's in a series, each book is a separate stand-alone. So don't hesitate to download this one and grab your next great weekend read!!

Striking for FREE!!!!!!!


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