Super Fun Giveaway!!!

So, last night Zach and I did a podcast!!!

We're a little out of control, but you should definitely go listen to it!

Zach and Rachel take over the world.

We talk my newest releases, and some writing tips, like how to write a novella series and some other good stuff.

But we also announced our newest giveaway!!!!!!

I'm really excited about this one too. Mostly, because it is really, really fun.

I'm going to add it to this blog, but I haven't figured it out yet. So for right now it's on my Facebook page and you can follow the link I'm going to post to get to it!

Rachel's Epic Giveaway!

Feel free to enter as many times as you qualify!

There are all kinds of cool ways to get your name in. You can follow this blog. Or my Facebook page. Or my twitter account. You can tweet about it! And you can leave a comment here!!

See? Super easy!

And once you do all that, do you want to know what you can win???

1st Place gets their name as a major character in Season Three of Love and Decay!!! Plus, a custom-designed t-shirt that we are only giving to the winners of this contest. They won't be for sale, so this t-shirt is special for just you. And the other winners. ;)

2nd Place gets one of those cool t-shirts, plus a signed copy of Love and Decay, Volume One- which will be in print by the time this giveaway ends!!

3rd Place gets one of those limited edition t-shirts!!!

Aren't those fun prizes?? I think so!

So, go enter! Get your name in there as many times as you can and up your chances of being a winner!!!!

Rachel's Big Giveaway!


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  1. This is really exciting. I am too excited for The Reedemable Prince! Not only am I going to see more of Sebastian, who is amazing, but we are going to see them take down Terletov!!

  2. What an awesome podcast and giveaway! I am keeping my fingers crossed for those incredible prizes! I cannot wait for season 3 of Love and Decay! It's a series that hooked me in book one and hasn't let me go yet!

  3. I am excited about all your releases, I think sebastian's books would be the next one I am excited about.

  4. I adore Love and Decay. I would LOVE my name to be a character in the series. I have so many friends that I have introduced to the series that I would love to brag to about this. I unfortunately don't really have a cool enough name for the series- Michelle. Oh well, I am going to enter anyway.

  5. While I'm looking forward to all your releases for the rest of the year... What I really NEED in my life right now is Heir of Empyrial Fire... and the one after that.
    You are destroying me slowly with Seth. So.. you know, if you wanted to write those, I wouldn't be mad. ;)

  6. Omg, awesome give away! I am super excited for EVERYTHING you have planned but L&D and Starbright are by far my most anticipated! You are killing me with these cliff hangers...but in a good way. ;-)

  7. There are so, so many books to look forward to! Surprisingly (to myself) I think the 5 Stages of Falling in Love is my #1...but followed closely by The Heart...and then just after that EVERYTHING you write! <3 Sebastian (trying to convince my husband if we have a son, we NEED to name him Sebastian).

  8. I'm probably most excited about The Redeemable Prince. Mostly because the Star-Crossed series was the first of your books that I read, so they're kind of special that way.

  9. Super excited love love love love and decay I recommend it to everyone

  10. Love love and decay recommend it to everyone this is the give away

  11. Great give away love love and decay

  12. I initially would have had to say L&D as that was the first series of books of yours that I read, but since the end of the season I have read almost all of your books. You are one of my favorite authors, right up at the top of the list with Stephen King, who I have been obsessed with since I was a pre teen. You are amazing and I can't wait for your new books to be released!

  13. I cannot just pick one, its not fair! I love all of them and will love and wait (im)patiently for next once's.
    And seriously.... 1st Place gets their name as a major character in Season Three of Love and Decay ?? T-Shirts, signed book... This is crazy!! This has to be a dream.. I am excited how it will turns out. Huge honor.
    Ps. just back to Love and Decay for a sec - "fling with Parker brother" ? Did I hear correct? God that was hilarious. Lv the podcast, great to hear u.

  14. Giveaway!!! I cannot wait until all of the rest of your books come out. I am so excited about every single one of the upcoming novelties! I read them all way too fast, unfortunately. <3 Love, love, love you and your books!

  15. I have to say I am anxiously anticipating the conclusion of the Siren series, although I hate to see it come to an end. As for my name in L&D that would truly rock, but I would rather see my daughter's name, Katrena. Katrena is also a huge fan and the look on her face would be priceless!

  16. P.s. I already follow your blog, facebook, and Instagram. :)

  17. Love, love, love everything Rachel! I look forward to everything you publish. Looking forward to reading your books for many years to come. Thanks for being an awesome writer��

  18. OMG! I love your freakin books! I would die if u put my name in one of your books! YOUR AN AMAZING AUTHOR by the way. Ok im done lol

  19. This is super cool! Thank you so much <3
    I'm looking forward to reading The Five Stages of Falling In Love and The Redeemable Prince. I am a huge fan! Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!

    - Diana Terrado

  20. I am looking forward to Love and Decay season 3... well honestly I'm looking forward to all of new books but our family loves the zombie books/movies/shows so probably Love and Decay is the one I look forward to a bit more :)

  21. All of them. It changes after finishing a book. I just finished Heir of Secrets so anticipating next one but Love and Decay is always at the top.

  22. Rachel, dear fabulously amazingly awe inspiring, talented Rachel! I don't know how you expect me to pick which release I'm most looking forward to...
    ~The Redeemable Prince? Sebastian? YES, please!!! (but, I will admit that Jericho will always be my favorite - shhh, don't tell Bastian!)
    ~The Heart? Ryder, the hero? Yummmmm!
    ~Love & Decay, Season Three? You had me at L&D, (I won't mention Henridx!)
    ~The Five Stages of Falling in Love? Something different and new from you? HECK YES!

    So, there you have it. Sorry about my long winded blog comment - you did ask for it! HA!