Monday Routine

So. Monday.

 My announcement day!! Yay!!!

Is anyone else as not excited about this as I am??? :) Just kidding.

I love announcements.

Just kidding again.

Okay. On to the real point of this blog.

So... announcements.

Heir of Secrets is not yet done!!! First. It's longer than I planned. Which, I think is a good thing?? Maybe?? Hopefully??? Eventually...? Right now it's just annoying.

This always happens to me. You would think I'd expect it by now!

But alas. Here we are.

The great news is the kids are off with their Nana again and so I actually have time to work!!! Yay!!! So it should finish up this week. Then I have to go through the editing process and all that jazz. But we are close. So-so-so close.

The next announcement is... Love and Decay.

Remember that it does NOT come out this Friday. Even though, this is technically the two week mark. It's not coming out until NEXT Friday, the 18th.

And holy smokes, it's the finale!!! I can't even believe it!!! Where did the last six months go?? Yikes! They flew by.

Way too fast.

But anyway. Here we are, and the series is wrapping up. I have one more season for sure of Love and Decay and that won't start until December.

The Redeemable Prince is out next for me, after Heir of Secrets. And that is slated for September. Then The Heart in November.

I'm going to slip Bet on Me in there somewhere... And my biggest release this year- at least, biggest for me- will be The Five Stages of Falling in Love which will be out in December and an adult contemporary.

That is a huge book for me. I don't know how to explain it. It's just different than anything I've ever written and it holds my entire heart and soul. And I sincerely hope you get that when you read it.

But we still have six months for that. So, hope you're patient. :)

I also have a secret project I'm going to start revealing more and more of. I'm shooting for October with that one.

And..... in August. So next month!!!! I'm going to release a Star-Crossed Novella!!!!!!!

It does not have a name yet.

Still working on that one.

But it will feature..... wait for it.... wait for it..... Lilly and Talbott!!!!!!!!!!


I haven't given them a full feature yet. So I'm really excited to speak from their points of view and give you insight into that whole love story.

Also. Print books. They're coming!!! I'm working on those at the end of this week. I think I'll have the Starbright series and The Siren series ready first. And then Love and Decay after that.

Then Bet in the Dark and The Relentless Warrior hopefully by the end of August.

That might be everything. All my announcements!

So hopefully it was painless enough!!!!

Look out tomorrow for an Heir of Secrets teaser! Plus, I'm going to blog about being a mother of small kids.

I'm tackling the whole "Cherish this, because it goes by so fast" advice. :) Hope you're ready for it!


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