Monday. Monday.

I'm having serious issues titling my blog. It's taking all my creative energy to come up with something that creative.

Yep. It's bad.

But to be fair, most of my creative energy is being funneled into Heir of Secrets Edits and the Love and Decay Finale.

So that gives me an excuse, right???

When I first started blogging, the year was something like 2009 and all my blog titles had the word blog in them. For one whole year. So I gave them really awesome names like... This is How We Blog it. Or... It's Your  Blogday. Go Blogday.

Or my personal fave. Bloggity Blog Blog.

You're blown away by my originality aren't you???


Those were the days I had no book news to share and so I blogged about the craziness of my life. Those were fun blogs!!

Now, I'm lucky to fit in a Monday update blog! I think it's all the extra kids.

Where did they all come from????

Anyway, I DO have updates today.

First. Heir of Secrets is DONE. Completely.

Well... not completely. I have to finish reading it and then send it to the editor. But most of my work is FINISHED!!!

That means it will DEFINITELY come out this month!!!

Do you like that I keep YELLING at you?

Sorry. I'll stop. :)

Tonight, at some point..., I'm going to reveal the Heir of Secrets cover!!! It's mostly already revealed. But I'll do the blog thing with it. You're going to love it.

I love it.

It's amazing.

And it's going to look so fabulous on the print book I'm going to have ready for you this month too!!!!!



Actually, this very week, I will finish up my end of The Rush, The Fall, Heir of Skies, Heir of Darkness and maybe, possible, I'm hoping... Bet in the Dark.

Those will also be all updated editing wise. Well, especially The Rush and Heir of Skies and Bet in the Dark. And those updates will be available soon for your Kindle/whatever other ereader you use. But the print books will already be golden.

And I think when you update them on your reading devices, they will also give you the new- and final- covers.

So that's all good news!!! So I'll send out for my proof copies at the end of this week and as soon as I approve that, everything will be for sale for you!!!!

Then after those, I'm going to get all the Star-Crossed in print- which I think is just The Relentless Warrior and Breathless Magic.

Then I will go to work on Love and Decay.

That's more of an undertaking because they are all being re-edited as well. And there's so many of them!!!  But I'm hoping by the end of August. Then you will be able to get Volumes One-Five in print too!!!

I'm going to have to print them as volumes because the Omnibus is MUCH too long. My printer won't even pretend to print something that thick. So I have to split it up. And I'm planning on just keeping it how they are in Volumes.

Covers are yet to be determined.

On the Love and Decay note.

The Season Two Finale is coming out THIS Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woot woot!!!!

I know I've said this before, but I seriously cannot believe that the end is near. I'm really excited. But I'm also really bummed.

I love Love and Decay. It's one of my most favorite projects I've ever done. Truly. But I need a break from it! And I'm waiting to start Season Three until December.

That's a long ways away.

I know most of you are not happy about the six month wait, but I'm going to explain why I'm doing it and then hopefully you understand.

First. Love and Decay takes up my entire life when I do it. Like, EVERYTHING goes into it and with the fast releases and the amount of work I put into it, there's not much left for anything else.

It's hard to get any other projects done, or clean my house, or keep up with laundry or even occasionally get dinner on the table.

My family feels very neglected.

So, I'm giving myself this break so I can A. Breathe some. and B. Get caught up on all the other work I'm behind in.

Second. I hate the way that I've been publishing them. They need to be better edited, but I haven't had the time with how quickly they come out. My usual editor can't fit my crazy schedule into her schedule. Plus, sometimes I'm just not fast enough for even you guys. And I would never ask someone to keep up with how I'm writing them right now.

So, the goal is to have them written ahead of time. And properly edited. And prepared for the two-week releases so that I'm not crazed, frazzled and out of my mind. And so you can get them on time every week in well-written episodes that don't grate on your grammar nazi nerves.

See? There's a good reason I'm waiting. And I think we will all benefit!!

Just don't forget to come back and start the season with me!!! :)

Also. Tonight. Be on the lookout for another Podcast from Zach and Rachel Take Over the World!! We took a little break while I dug my way out of the insanity of finishing Heir of Secrets and L&D, so now that I can finally see the light again, we're jumping back in!!!!

I'm also planning a Write-In Wednesday Vlog this week. So if you have any questions for me, you can ask them in the comments and I'll answer them via Youtube!

Ok, what else?? Um.... I think that's it?



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  1. So it is just the finale if Season Two not the final finale? I hope. And if Reagan is not back with Hendrix and Kane is not dead or otherwise out of her heart .....wee, I will still read them just as quick as you publish them.

  2. You are the awesomest person ever. Great news! CANNOT WAIT !! (now I am yelling).
    Ps. love your Bloggity Blog Blog.
    Ur Forever the Faithful Fan xx