Let's Catch Up

Happy Monday!!!

I have to say... I'm not completely hating this Monday.

Usually, Monday and I don't get along. But today we're doing alright.

It's only 66 out right now and all my windows are open. It feels pretty heavenly in the house. And it's supposed to stay nice all week!!!

Which is fantastic news since we're going to see Arctic Monkeys on Wednesday and the show is outside!

We went to Counting Crows on Saturday. And it was not this nice out... I sweated my face off. Almost literally. Meanwhile, Zach just stood there. Not sweating. Not even uncomfortable.

I might have considered making him sleep on the couch for a week.

Okay, not really. But how is that fair?? I'm supposed to look pretty and all dolled up! There is nothing pretty about my face melting off.

Not one single thing.

Anyway. I did survive. And Counting Crows are so good live!

They're not really my thing. I mean, I love Mr. Jones. Any good person that lived through the 90's, LOVES Mr. Jones. And they do have a song about Omaha. Which makes them immortally awesome.

But... the rest, I'm like.. Eh.

Zach on the other hand.... They are his favorite band of all time. He gets a little angry at me for how little I support them actually. And we've had many serious discussions about the quality of their lyrics.

I think they make no sense. Zach thinks they are genius beyond comparison. And then he always throws in that I always love Top 40/pop songs and that makes him the winner.

Which is true. I do really love a great pop song.

Sure, I love the serious stuff, the super talented, indisputably genius stuff too. But give me something to dance and sing to and that is where I like to live! Right there.

If the kids and I can't make fools out of ourselves (Which really, it's only me making the fool of myself. The kids are excused because they're so cute.) driving through town, with our windows down and the radio up, then what is the point???


At least we both agree on the Arctic Monkeys.

So. Anyway. There is a point to this blog!!

We just came out of a super busy weekend!! I wasn't kidding the other day when I said as soon as I finish a project, I fulfill all of my social obligations. I'm literally going through all of them in one week. It's been crazy busy. But I pretty much love it!

I do love more people than just the characters in my head. Like.. my real life friends.

However, just in case you missed it... THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded Heir of Secrets or reviewed it or sent me an awesome message or comment about it!!!!

You guys are just the best people in the world. Thank you so much.

I've said before that the Starbright Series is really my smallest series, so going into it, I never have any expectations. Mostly, because I honestly don't know what to expect.

But this release surpassed everything I could have hoped for. And I am just so grateful. Thank you so very much.

In other book related items.

The Rush and The Fall paperbacks are now for sale!!!!!! You can only get them through Amazon or Createspace directly. But they are up and live and for sale!!!!!

And so very pretty.

Here they are in real life!! Gorgeous right??

And here are the links!!!

The Rush paperback

The Fall paperback

Other things to look for this week....

Tomorrow I'm going to give you your very first teaser of The Redeemable Prince!

I'm so excited for that!!!!

And not just because I love Sebastian and his story, but because I can actually give you a teaser so far from the release date!

Ahem. That doesn't usually happen for me!

We are entering into a new era folks. Books on time.

It doesn't even seem possible.

The Starbright Series is going to be finished up for print this week and I will be showing off those pretties!!!

And. I might even have a little something from Bet On Me for you!!!!!

Hope you're having a great Monday!


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  1. Ha ha you and Zack with music and the Counting Crows is completely me and my husband; only its RUSH and Dream Theater.