L&D and Print Book Beauties!

So. The biggest news of this week.

Well... until Thursday...

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Twelve is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Woot woot!!!!

And so is Volume Five.

Which wraps up all of Season Two.

Praise Jesus. Hallelujah. Amen.

I know you all are sad to see the season come to a close... But...

I have different feelings. Happier feelings. I am relieved to put it in one succinct, all-encompassing emotion.

While I just love L&D maybe more than anything else I've ever worked on... it's so intense. And the seasons CONSUME my life. So, the Higginson household for sure needs a break.

Which is why (I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again really quickly) it will not be returning until December.

The plan is to get a little bit ahead of Season Three and make sure they episodes are actually polished and not riddled with typos before they go live.

I'm probably really nervous to write it too.

Honestly, Season Two terrified me. I was so very happy with Season One. Like... so happy. I loved how it came together and the episodes flowed into each other and I (personally.. you might have different feelings) felt that each episode had its own excitement and there weren't any dragging points.

So, when I sat down to write Season Two, I didn't know how I would keep that up. Well.. I mean, I had ideas planned out. But you know what I mean? I didn't know how that would actually translate to the page. Or if I could keep up that level of excitement and interest.

And I've always said Love and Decay will for sure be three seasons and then we'll re-evaluate from there. The thing is.. while I hear often that you "never want this to end," I know that eventually... you WILL want this to end.


Or that's my biggest fear. That it becomes exhausting and repetitive and I have nothing new to write or add to an already worn-out series.

When I look at L&D by word count, it is nearly the longest running series I've ever done.

The Star-Crossed Series actually wins that battle, coming in at something like 700,000 words written for it. But I've been working on that since 2009.

L&D is a close second with roughly 550,000 words. And in December, I'll add another 260,000 words to it.

Between the first two seasons that's about six full-length books of 90,000 words each.

Those are good sized books!!!

So if we're looking at it terms of that... how many books series do you read that have more than nine books in the series?

Personally, and as a reader, I love long series. I really do. And I would love to keep writing L&D. But I'd rather finish at the right time and leave you happy with it.

So, tentatively... and without giving too much away, the plan is... right now, unless something changes... to wrap up this side of L&D after Season Three.

Meaning, with Reagan as the narrator.

I have ideas/plots/plans/schemes/machinations or what have you, for another three seasons.

Yep. Three more seasons!!!

However... we'll see how Season Three goes and then reconvene after that. :)

But either way, you still have to wait for December for Season Three!! That is a real thing.

In the meantime.... And on with my next exciting announcement!!!

Heir of Secrets will be out THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so very, very, very excited to give you this book. And it's almost time!!!!!

And then do you know what that means??? I will not be behind with anymore deadlines!!

Well, that's technically only true if we all agree to ignore Bet on Me for now. Which, we do agree to do that? Right??


Thanks. I appreciate it.

There's one more piece of very exciting news!!!!!

I've been talking about print books for like... a year. Well, maybe not. But it feels like it. And, I kept pushing them and pushing them and ignoring those too (Because I'm super good at denial.) because I have always been so far behind on my other deadlines.


Like I just said, I'm mostly caught up now!!!!


And so, I've been working on getting some books in print!!! L&D is my most asked for series that you guys want physical copies of, but honestly, those need so much work, so I'm saving them for the end.

I started with The Siren Series!!!!! And I actually got them put together!!! Last week I ordered my proof copies. So as soon as they get here and I approve them, they will be for sale!!!!!!!

And as soon as that happens, I'll order a bunch and give them away as signed copies!!!

But, man, it feels so good to have those two books taken care of!! Like. So. Good.

Next up is the Starbright Series. And amazingly Heir of Darkness is ready to go, I'm just waiting until Heir of Secrets goes live and Heir of Skies(the first one) is gets through another round of editing and updating before I can put it together. Then I'll have the Starbright series for you!!!!

That update will also be available for you on your kindle copy. As will the updated version of The Rush. That went through editing again before I put it in print. It's all nice and polished now!! Woot!

Do you want to see the full wraps for The Rush and The Fall???

Of course you do! How do I know that?? Mostly because if you've made it all the way through this blog, then chances are you'll stick around for a couple more pictures. :)

Here they are... The full wraps for The Rush and The Fall. (And after those, I'll post the links to the Love and Decay new releases!!!)


See??? Gorgeous.

Thank you a million times Caedus Design Co. You are incredible.

And just think! These could be available for purchase on Thursday too!!!!!!

Oh man. This is an exciting week.


Ok, last thing and then I'll leave you alone. The Amazon and B&N Links for Episode Twelve and Volume Five.

Love and Decay, S2, Episode Twelve for Amazon

Love and Decay, S2, Episode Twelve for B&N

Love and Decay, Volume Five for Amazon

Love and Decay, Volume Five for B&N


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  1. Yeah so excited for Thursday, and for the Siren Series print books, they're my personal favorites.