Heir of Secrets Cover Reveal!!!!!

So, it's been my profile picture for 24 hours or something. Probably I should give it a proper reveal!!!!

Remember- in case you haven't heard or have learned to tune me out- that Heir of Secrets is formerly known as Firelight!

We changed all the titles. So if you are reading Starbright. That is now Heir of Skies. If you are reading Sunburst. That is now Heir of Darkness.

And what was previously going to be titled Firelight, is now Heir of Secrets.

Thank you Caedus Design Co. for creating this AMAZING cover.

I am seriously so in love with it. And it's going to look even better as a print book!!! Gah! I just can't wait to hold it in my hands.

Need a cover??? Seriously, go check out Caedus Design. He does every single one of my covers. (Well, also because I'm married to him.) But he's so talented. And his covers are super unique, which is probably my favorite thing about his design style.

Also, they are very, very, very affordable.

Believe me. I've been quoted anywhere between $300-$1200 for cover work. (For ONE ebook cover!) Zach charges a fraction of that cost.

Anyway. Here is the website: Caedus Design Co.

And here... is... Heir of Secrets!!!!!

The countdown to Stella Day’s eighteenth birthday has begun with only a year left to go. 

When Stella turns eighteen she will take over as the Earth’s protector. She will come into the fullness of her powers. And her Counterpart will be released from his soul-losing contract. 

Only three hundred and sixty five days to go. Only fifty-two weeks. Twelve months… But a lot can happen in that length of time. 

As Stella trains for that day, the Darkness closes in around her. Seth sold his soul so that she would be safe until her eighteenth birthday but someone is still trying to kill her. And Seven, Seth’s deranged and evil sister, won’t leave her alone. There are more problems with the Council that’s supposed to be protecting her. And when Jupiter suddenly disappears things go from bad to worse. 

It might be easier to solve all her problems if Jude Michaels wasn’t bothering her every second of every day. And if she didn’t miss Seth with such a consuming, paralyzing ache.

When her friends are threatened and her Midwest life exposed, she has to fight through every distraction that plagues her and find the real threat in a sea of enemies that want her dead. Aliah has never been more evil. Seven never crazier. Tristan and Piper are constantly threatened and in danger. 

But it’s Seth she fights for the hardest. As he teeters on the precipice of Darkness and Light, can she salvage the soul of a boy who has given it up for her?

Heir of Secrets is the third book in the Starbright Series.

Haven't started yet???

Check out the first books in the series!!!! (And let me have my moment of putting all the covers together. :)

Heir of Skies

Stella Day must save the world and fight evil. She is a Star, assigned to Earth in order to push back the aggressive Darkness that threatens to destroy the only home she’s ever known. Torn between the Counterpart she is destined to be with and the human boy she’s loved her entire life, she battles Fallen Angels and her heart all at the same time. 

Heir of Skies is the first book in the Starbright Series.

Heir of Skies for Amazon

Heir of Darkness

Stella Day will one day be the Protector of Earth, but right now she’s focused on other things. Surviving high school, having a winning soccer season and balancing the two guys in her life all vie for her attention. She isn’t ready for her future or the massive destiny waiting for her. 

Unfortunately for Stella, destiny isn’t patient. Stella’s life becomes complicated when the Darkness won’t leave her alone. She’s plagued by Shadows at practice and in school. Seven, Seth’s deranged sister, is stalking her. And Aliah has made it his life’s mission to destroy her before she turns eighteen and comes into the fullness of her powers. 

In a risky effort to save her life, Seth makes a deal with the devil that changes everything. Suddenly, it’s no longer her own life that Stella is desperate to save. She must find a way to protect her Counterpart before he becomes the worst threat of all. 

As Stella grapples with the intensity of her feelings for both Tristan and Seth, her choice might just be made for her. While the Darkness demands her attention, humanity and the high school life she loves will fade into the background as she embraces the purpose she was given and the most complicated battle yet. 

This time it’s not just her life on the line, but her heart as well. Choosing which boy to love might not mean a happily ever after. Choosing between Seth and Tristan might just lead to a heartbreak she never imagined. 

Heir of Darkness is the second book in the Starbright Series.

Heir of Darkness for Amazon


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  1. Please confirm if this is being released this Thursday, 24th July 2014 is this true? I read It on facebook - Can't wait!