Obsession Five and Episode Nine

Happy Monday morning!!!!

And what a Monday it's been so far! Let's see... I've already fed the children sour/expired milk. And Stryker, who is three, might have a concussion. So we're clearly off to a good start!

No... he doesn't really have a concussion. But our baby Solo is not so much of a baby anymore. He's almost two. And he's learning the very hard lesson that he can't whack people over the head whenever he wants to.

Everyone must learn that lesson. It's a very important lesson... But it's a pain in my eye right now. :)

Also.. I might be a failure as an author. Things are declining for me- in the sense that I suck at it lately!! Like majorly. I can't even remember to promote my own books! Gah!

I forgot to even tweet that Love and Decay came out on Friday!! And forget about blogging! I'm just getting to it. Today. Three days later.

What is wrong with me??? Ha!

Don't answer that.

I'm going to blame Memorial Day. It seriously messed me up last week. I never had any idea what day it was... Even today I woke up thinking it was Sunday! It took me a good five minutes to realize Zach wasn't in the house. Because he was at work.

I thought maybe he went out for donuts.

I was really disappointed when I figured out it was Monday, Zach was at work and that there would be no donuts. Only sour milk. And consequentially gross cereal.

So anyway. Here we are at Monday. And I should post some links!!! And then I'm going to do a Five Things I'm obsessed with right now!

I haven't done one of those in a while! And I am obsessed with a LOT of things lately!

But first Episode Nine!!!! If you've read it, did you cry??? I so cried when I wrote it. It makes me feel like not such an emotional hot mess if other people get weepy too. :)

I could not handle Reagan and Hendrix. Or Page. Or later with Kane. I even had issues with Bobbi Jo. Ugh. I might be too emotionally invested in my characters... Good thing I'm halfway to crazy anyway. :)

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Nine for Amazon

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Nine for Barnes and Noble

Ok. There's that. My author duty is done for the day. :)

Now on to more fun stuff!!!!!

Five Things I'm Currently Obsessed With!

1. Gud Lotion by Burt's Bees.

Okay, so I talk about it enough that you probably already know that I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. Everything. Or at least it seems that way. And lotion is a particular struggle of mine because I can never find a good one that I love, that I love the smell of and that I don't at some point break into full-body hives over. It's seriously an issue. Plus, I can never go back to the same lotion twice and so I never know what I like. But the other week, I was in Walgreens and this woman was RAVING about this lotion. Like she would not stop talking about it and so I went and checked it out. I didn't know what to think honestly. I had never heard of it before. But then I saw that it was made by Burt's Bees, a brand I trust and love, so I thought I would give it a go.

Best decision EVER. I LOVE this lotion. First.. I'm not allergic. HOORAY! At least not yet. But it has Shea Butter in it, so I am expecting to break out into hives any day. So far, so good though. It smells amazing. And it's really really really hydrating. I can't say enough good things about it. It's so so so so so good. I love it. And obviously, I'm obsessed.

I found it at Walgreens, but I haven't looked for it anywhere else, so I don't know where they carry it. But it is worth tracking down. Seriously.

2. Harem pants for my girls.

And this one is BAD. Like I am way too obsessed! But they are SO cute. And it was that time of the year where my kids needed like entirely new wardrobes because NOTHING fit them. So I've been shopping- online of course because I never leave my house- and I just can't stop buying them. And maxi dresses. And everything bohemian.

Here is the major problem. I'm dressing them like I want to dress. Which is not at all fashionable. Seriously, I also had to do shopping for me, for summer clothes, and I was super proud of myself when I bought two things that were not black. I was so proud. Like, yay me! I'm doing something other than the Johnny Cash look! But the two things I bought... yeah, total hippie skirts. I can't help it!

I was a gypsy in another life.

Which would be fine if it was just me. But now I'm dragging my kids into this. While my friends are all dressing their girls in Cheeky Plum and other designer boutiques with all those mix-matched patterns and ruffle capris. I'm dressing my kids up like fortune tellers and vagabonds.

And even while I KNOW this. I still can't stop. I'm too obsessed. Thankfully, I have kids that are willing to be experimental with their fashion and don't care about what everyone else is wearing. I'm scared for the day when they want to start dressing to trends... like terrified of it. This house fosters weirdness and unique style. I see this going one of two ways. Either they're going to rebel against my anti-conformity to the max and conform to EVERY major fashion trend. Or they're going to go the other way and become all anti-establishment (Which I would really love). I just feel like that way will lead to some therapy.

Or a lot of therapy.

Ok. Who am I kidding? My kids are going to need therapy no matter what!

3. My Loot Boxes.

So over the last month I've been compiling goodies from all kinds of places! Stuff that is swag but not. I didn't slap my label on everything because... well because I'm just uncomfortable with that. Don't get me wrong, if you win a Loot Box, you will still get some for real swag with my signature on it, but it's not ALL that. I thought you might enjoy like cool stuff related to all my series!

Anyway. I have found some of the COOLEST things. And I seriously cannot wait to get them to the winners!!! I'm compiling them this week and sending them out! I'll take pictures and show them off as soon as they're together. They are really fun. And I'm going to be doing more Loot Box Giveaways just as soon as I get these two out!!

So get excited!

4. Concerts.

Well, okay, this is nothing new. I am always obsessed with music. But more so lately. We have had some amazing shows come to Omaha this spring and it's continuing into the summer. Already this spring we've been to ZZ Ward and St. Vincent. Last Wednesday we went to The Naked and Famous- amazing. Tonight we're going to First Aid Kit. Next week we're going to The Faint. Later this summer we have tickets to Arctic Monkeys and Counting Crows(Zach's all-time favorite band!)!!!!! So much good music. I can't get enough!

A concert is like my perfect outing. I ADORE live music. Almost any kind as long as it's good music. Although, sometimes, if the atmosphere is right, I don't really mind bad music either. And to me it's like the perfect date. Zach and I will grab something to eat before hand and then head over to a concert that lasts a couple hours, dancing and having so much fun. I just love it. It's never one of those nights that's like.. well, what should we do now?? Or where should we go now? Nope. It takes up the perfect amount of time.

So I'm always excited for any show we get tickets to.

But especially all of those!

5. And finally... Social Media and Babies!

What?? Yep. I really am. Okay but honestly, I have baby fever bad. Like really bad. And everyone posts pictures of their newborns and I'm all, COULD YOU STOP! You're going to get me in trouble. I'm going to end up wanting another baby and I cannot have another baby. Four kids is enough!!! And plus, I'm really brain dead whilst I'm pregnant and that's not so good for the books.

But. Today. Is. Different.

Today, I'm obsessed with watching social media and looking for babies because my little brother and his wife are at the hospital right now, getting ready to deliver their first child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!! I'm so very excited. So. So. So. Excited!! I cannot wait to see this little one. And then hold it. And spoil it. And be the best aunt in the history of aunts!!!!

This is my first time. Being an aunt. And I cannot wait. I have wanted to be an aunt for as long as I can remember. Which might sound weird, but being an aunt is different than being a mom and I've always wanted that relationship! I seriously cannot wait. Also, I want my kids to have cousins! I'm so excited for them to have that relationship. Plus, it's my little brother. And he's joining the ranks of parents and legal guardians and grownups. In a weird way, I'm really proud of him. I just cannot wait to meet this little guy or girl! Plus, I've been holding off on buying it a million dollars worth of things because they don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet! So that's another reason to be super excited!



See how excited I am? I'm like bouncing around and having a hard time concentrating.

Okay. Well, I'll stop talking your ears off now!!! Pick up Episode Nine if you haven't yet! I'll have another Firelight/Heir of Secrets teaser tomorrow!!!! Hope you have a fabulous Monday!


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