News, Updates and Some Catchup

So.... It's been awhile.

A long. long. long. while.

And it's not just blogging. Lately, my social media presence has been a little pathetic.

Or a lot pathetic.

This summer is kind of kicking my butt.

And let's face it. I'm usually overwhelmed by life, but lately it's worse than ever!!!!!

Four kids at home + summer activities + trying to write a book + trying to finish a L&D season + UtopYA + 8 days of family vacation + my usual chaotic, unorganized self = mayhem.

If you've sent me a message or email in the last oh, maybe three months... I apologize. I WILL be getting back to you. Sometime. Just be patient. Pretty please?

And posts and comments??? Yes, I'm coming for you too!!! Although you're not nearly as bad as the PMs.

Heir of Secrets??? Are you looking for that??? Keep looking. :) Just kidding.

Actually, I'm finishing it up this week. (fingers crossed)

And then it will be edited. And all that jazz. And at some point before I publish it, there will be a cover made for it.... And, then it will be yours!!!!!

It is getting done this week. It HAS to. I honestly don't have time for it anymore. I have other projects to get to!! So when I say it will be done this week, I really, truly mean it.

Another thing is, that Episode Eleven for Love and Decay came out!!!!! And it ripped out your guts and stabbed your heart. I know this, because I was a hysterical mess of emotions and feelings. That episode messed me up.

Do you know I can't even read the synopsis for an emotional book anymore??? Like, when I'm searching for my own reading... I can't even handle anything remotely emotional. The minute the blurb starts talking about all the problems of their pasts and blah blah blah... I check out. I've literally had The Fault in Our Stars on my Kindle for over a year and I've never even pretended to open that thing. I can't handle anymore feelings!!!!!!

For real.

I can only read fluff.

I have too much invested in my characters. It's a little ridiculous.

Okay, don't feel too sorry for me. I really do enjoy fluff. I ADORE fluff. Romantic comedies make my life. They are seriously my happy place.

(Ahem, if you have recommendations, I would LOVE them. Remember no serious feelings!!)

Anyway. I'm not even sure where I was going with that.

Oh, L&D. So, Ep. 11 came out... and yay!!! And now it's over. And we have ONE episode left for this season!!! ONE.

I'm not sure if you noticed the next release date or not... but it was a little spread out. Episode 11 was really hard for me to write and publish. Like I said, it messed me up. These characters are real to me. That might make me crazy... but it's true. And so I've give myself three weeks to get the final episode out because I know I'll need that much time.

So, Season Two Finale won't be out until the 18th of July.

Then. Just so you have a head's up... Season Three of Love and Decay will not be out until December!!!!

I know I only took like a two month break between the first two seasons, but you have no idea how intense these are for me to write. They basically take over my life for six months. It's a lot. And it's really rough on my family.

Plus, I've been behind with deadlines for like over two years now and frankly I'm exhausted of being behind on deadlines. I'm so over it. As I'm sure you are too. So I want to catch up. And hopefully get ahead of schedule.

What would that be like?? To have projects done BEFORE they're supposed to be released???

No, seriously. What would that be like?? I have no idea.

I've never done that before.

This brings me to my next announcement. Bet on Me.

When is it coming out???

I have no idea.

Heir of Secrets was supposed to be out in April. And Bet on Me was supposed to be out in June. And then I was supposed to start working on The Redeemable Prince (The last Star-Crossed Book) in July.

That would have been my perfect schedule.

Well... as you know, none of that happened. And now I'm scrambling again. See above where I rant about how OVER being behind I am. :) Honestly, I don't know when Bet on Me is coming out.

But I do know that it is going to be a bit of a riskier book for me and I would rather take my time with it than write it as fast as I can just so you can have it.

Truly, I believe you would rather have that too.

I have three more full length books to write this year. That is a TON. I've already written Three (I'm counting Heir of Secrets because I'm almost done with it) and an entire season of L&D which is seriously the size of three full-lengths. Or probably two of my full-lengths. I'm a little long-winded.

I just want to make sure I have enough time to finish up the projects that HAVE to be out this year. AKA the books that are in series.

And I want to be done with some of these series I'm invested in. Star-Crossed and Siren series will both wrap up in the fall. Which will free up a TON of my time.

So, all that to say, I'm going to be working on Bet on Me. And I would like for it to be out at the end of August.

I don't know if I can keep that deadline but I am really, seriously going to try.

I also have a new project I'm going to be announcing soon that will release in October. And I'm going to be showing you more and more of The Five Stages of Falling in Love, which I plan to have out in December.

For any more release date questions, you can always go to my release schedule page on this site.

Also. Print books. I'm working on them. I have SO many to get out that it feels overwhelming. But also, everything feels overwhelming right now... so.... I think I need a Xanax. But I am going to start getting more and more out this month and next. And with each print book I release, I will have an edited update for the ebook that goes with it. Does that make sense?? Especially L&D. Those are all going through another editor. So when you get them or update them, they will be much cleaner.

I think that's everything??? I want to do a UtopYA recap, but not today as my family is waiting for me to start the thing called dinner as I type this.

I hope you are all well and good and having a wonderfully awesome summer!!!! And I really hope your supper is already planned and cooking on the stove.  


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