Updated Monday.

As usual Monday is my day to catch up and announce everything that needs to be announced!

There is a lot. :) So stick with me.

First, Firelight is NOT being released this week. I'm hoping NEXT Friday. And a lot of that has to do with Love and Decay. Not only are there THREE L&D's that come out this month, but they take up three release days.

Which is a lot.

And I want both series to do well, but it makes it awkward for me to space out the timing. Plus, find the time to work on both series.

I toyed with the idea of pushing a week of L&D and giving myself a break... but I don't want to do that. We are already to Episode Eight and the story is in a frustrating spot for readers. So I'm keeping those release dates and making Firelight flexible.

Another reason I'm pushing Firelight a little bit more is because The Starbright Series is getting a makeover. I'm not going to go into too much detail right now, but I'll devote an entire blog to it later this week. There are going to be some major changes made (Not in the story line) and I want to release Firelight with the maximum potential.

That will make more sense when I explain it to you.

None of my other release dates have changed. Just this one. Bet on Me will still come out in June. And Love and Decay will still wrap up in July.

My Prints however are not coming together like I hoped they would. So please be patient with me there. It's hard to find time do handle both prints and projects right now and if anything gets pushed, it's always going to be the prints.

The good news is, I am hoping to get a couple out this month. Like The Siren Series and possibly The Starbright Series. Maybe L&D, S1. We shall see with that one. That one's getting re-edited so it takes longer. But after Bet on Me releases, I'm taking a few months from releasing full-lengths to get my act together.

I got so far behind with past late releases that everything now is one giant mess. I need to spread out and give myself some breathing room.

Prints will start becoming more and more available, I just need your patience!!!

Also... Love and Decay, Volume One is featured in a limited-time box set. The set is only running through August. L&D is included with eight other titles for .99. If you are a big horror fan then this set is FOR YOU!!!

There are some really great authors included. Actually... I feel like the nerdiest girl in school hanging out with the cool kids. It's a seriously incredible collection!

Here it is so you can pick it up!!!!

This is the End Two for Amazon

And then, I released these two little gems lately! If you haven't started Love and Decay yet, this is the best and cheapest way to do it!!!

Love and Decay Omnibus for Amazon

And if you are wanting to give your friends and family a sample of my work, this is a collection of the firsts in all of my paranormal series!!! Plus it's cheap! It includes, Starbright, Reckless Magic, The Rush and Love and Decay, Episode One

The Paranormal Pack for Amazon


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  1. oooh, saying L&D getting pushed back is fighin' words around here. ;)
    seriously, don't rush yourself. breathe!