Slow Monday

I have been trying to write this blog for the entire day!!! I can't even tell you. This browser has been open for hours and the title has changed about fifteen times because I keep changing what the content is going to be about.

But I've finally settled on a topic.

I have a sick 20 month old and he has sucked up my entire day into his world of illness. I have done nothing but cuddle with him and tend to his every need and whim. This is the real deal. He is just plain not feeling well.

Poor baby.

And all he wants is his mommy.

But that means I haven't even been able to write a blog! I mean... this takes all of ten minutes and it's not like I have plan it out.

You'd think I would have been able to squeeze it in somewhere!

So there's the sick baby but then also I gave the kids Gatorades so the baby would be more likely to drink his. (Sometimes he's like that. He doesn't want it until the other three have it. Then all he wants is what they have. Come to think of it... they're all like that. Little savages.)

The three year old drank his entire bottle. In about thirty minutes.

He's been going potty every twenty minutes for the entire day!!!!! And since he still needs my help, this day just fell apart.

Now I'm blogging at ten till five and I really should be thinking about dinner.

Speaking of... Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!

I'm big on celebrating any holiday that I can. I also celebrate Bastille Day. St. Patrick's Day. (Although I really am Irish just not Irish Catholic.) And the Mayan end of the world.

Although that one was very anticlimactic.

Basically we'll throw a party for anything.


Especially when we can make it revolve around alcohol. Ha!

We're having Mexican tonight. And apparently I'm making it because my favorite Mexican restaurant in Omaha is CLOSED today! (The nerve!!!!) They're always closed on Mondays. But I thought they would make an exception for today. Or at least for me.

Nope. Not happening.

So I'm putting on my Betty Crocker hat and dominating the kitchen. Watch out world. I know how to make a mean taco.

Anyway. Today I was just a mom. And this weekend I was just a wife when my husband surprised me with a trip to Kansas City!!

I love my job. But it's been kind of wonderful! I think I really needed a break.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get back into the working mode!

In the meantime... here are a few things for you!

Love and Decay, Episode Seven went live over the weekend!! And Amazon has finally worked out all the kinks!!!

Love and Decay, Episode Seven for Amazon

Love and Decay, Episode Eight for Barnes and Noble

AND. I released something last week called The Paranormal Pack. It's a compilation book of all of the firsts in my series. Starbright, Reckless Magic, The Rush and Love and Decay, Episode One. It's on sale for right now!!!! So go grab it for .99 OR give it to someone for a cheap gift!!

Mother's Day IS coming up! :)

The Paranormal Pack for Amazon

I haven't done another Loot Box because I've been a little overwhelmed lately, but be on the lookout for one of those coming soon! Plus a Firelight teaser tomorrow!!!!

Ok, if there is more that I am forgetting, it will have to wait. The baby is back to being grumpy-pants.

And I really should make that dinner now.  


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