School's Out for the Summer!

Hello Monday!!!!!!

I am actually really glad Monday is here!

We are finally out of school for the summer!!! Yay!!!!

I love summer break.

If we're honest, the school year is a giant pain in my eyeball.

I have issues with time. If you couldn't tell from all my moving deadlines... It's like a chronic disease.

And it bleeds into every single aspect of my life.

Getting the kids to school in the morning is no exception! In fact, it's really, really bad. And every single morning I contemplate home-schooling, just so I won't have to deal with it anymore!

Yes, that is how bad it is.

But now I have the next three months to never go anywhere before 9am. And that's just heaven. I can do 9. (usually).

I cannot do anything before nine.

Nor do I think I should have to. :)

Just kidding!


I'm especially grateful school is out because this last week kicked my ass!!!! So bad. It was just insanity!

Note to self, don't plan an episode of L&D the last week of school. We had something at school every single day. And then on top of that, I had L&D. Plus I'm trying- and not really succeeding- to get Heir of Secrets (Firelight) out!! And then this weekend I got majorly sick yesterday.

So... I'm really ready for an organized, methodical week. My kids are even gone at Nana's today so I've been able to semi catch up.

Even though this blog has taken me... hours to write. And I'm a full hour behind in my writing schedule. See? Disease. I just cannot be on time. Sometimes I'm not sure why I try!

Anyway... What can you expect from me this week???

Teasers!! Lots and lots of teasers!!! And the cover for Bet on Me will be revealed at some point! There will be more announcements, too. I've figured out how I'm going to do the next Star-Crossed Novella in August and I cannot wait to share that with you. And some Giveaways!!!!!

I plan on making this summer super fun for you guys! I just cannot wait to get it started!!!!


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  1. Hey Rachel,

    I love you, I honestly do. But I seriously hate how late you are sometimes on release dates. I read about one book a day, so when I found out that I had to wait another couple of weeks for firelight, I crumpled and died inside. But I know how hard it is to balance your personal life and your book life, so keep on writing, (preferably faster than before). I want to thank you for your contribution to the literary world.

    Your Absolute Biggest Fan,
    Emmy age. 14

  2. Hey Rachel, I absolutely love the star bright series. The first two books were amazing. Does Heir of Secrets continue on from Sunburst and Starbright? I am really looking forward to the release, but do I need to read Heir of Skies and Heir of Darkness to understand Heir of Secrets?
    I cant wait to read your latest books. Heather. age 13