Heir of Secrets Update!!!

Heir of Secrets.

That's the new name of Firelight. In case you were having trouble remembering... Like I am!! :)

I've resorted to calling it that book I'm behind on.

And yes. That book I'm still behind on.

I'm working on it guys!!! I HATE that it's so late. Hate it more than any of you can. I promise.

The most frustrating part is that I'm so darn close to the end! It will still have to go to editing of course, but my part is almost finished. And I just can't get to it. My life is in the way.

It's been in the way for this whole month. And last month. I've all but given up every avenue of social media just so I can devote every single available moment to it. Actually, except for my children and my husband, it's pretty much the only thing that gets my attention. Still... I'm struggling to find time to finish it.

However, come hell or high water, this book will be finished this week. That's encouraging right??? Sure. Right.

But I'm serious. The kids are taking a trip to my mom's house where she has offered to keep them until this book is finished!!!!!

Watch out world!

Isn't she the most amazing woman???? I think so.

I mean... she's taking the whole lot of them! All four!!!

And my children are just so in love with her that they will probably never want to come home again. That is a true story.

She watches them one day a week as it is and they hate coming home. They would much rather stay with Nana.

Even the baby!

It's like, hey guys, remember me??? Your mother!!!!

Seriously though, I cannot tell you how much peace that gives me to know that if I have to ship them off in order to get work done, they are in an environment they choose and surrounded by love.

Anyway. So Heir of Secrets will be finished this week and then its only a matter of time!!

After this one then Bet on Me. And after Bet on Me... a few months off. :)

I say that but it's not like I'm taking actual time off. And L&D doesn't wrap until July. BUT. no major releases until September. This is in an effort to get me caught up.

I can't have any more of these late releases. I am SO over them. They are stressful and obnoxious. And I really hate not having anything on time. Plus, in my personal life, we are at a point where my writing needs to be more structured.

This chaos has been going on for a little over a year and I just need to end it.

Another factor to leveling my life out will happen when two of the many projects I'm working on will come to an end. Both The Siren Series and The Star-Crossed Series will wrap up in the fall and then I can spread things out a little bit more.

Heir of Secrets is hopefully the last of the last late releases. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Also Episode 9 is coming out on Friday!!!!!!! And we're back in Reagan's POV. Only four more episodes to go this season! Can you believe it???

The seasons go so very fast.

I will also post a teaser later today for Heir of Secrets!! So be on the look out for that!

And I've devoted a week between Heir of Secrets release to getting all those books in print. So that should be like the first week in June. It takes a little while to get them all processed and approved... but then they should be ready to buy somewhere in the middle of June! I want them ready for UtopYA!!

Ok. I think that's it for this week's updates! Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day and you were able to give your love to our troops and those who have died in service for our country. They are true heroes and we are blessed as a nation to reap the benefits of the men and women that serve us so relentlessly.  


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  1. Rachel we love your books and they are always worth the wait.

  2. Any update? I can't find Heir of Secrets anywhere?! I'm dying to know what happens! :-)