Print Books, Deadlines and More!

Happy Monday!!!!!

So in keeping with my tradition of announcements on Monday, I have a bunch!!!

First. I just want to say that I when I was in college, the President of the school was one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. If not the most brilliant.

He was just this genius that existed among us lowly peons. We all knew he operated at a level of intelligence we couldn't even comprehend. And so we sat in our desks lapping up every morsel of intellectual goodness he had to offer.

Seriously, I took every single class he taught.

Most of them were theology or ethics courses and I curse my age and immaturity for not being capable of absorbing the sheer amount of information he offered.

I mean, I love learning. Like... a lot. It's one of my most favorite things to do. (I know that I'm weird. I've embraced it.) And I really love homework. And I really, really love tests. And even more, I love writing papers.

But I was still in college. I still stayed up until 4am on a consistent basis. And I have always been late with every single thing I do, touch or go to.

Plus, I'm a talker.

So probably, I wasn't his most favorite student.

But anyway. I loved his classes.

He's no longer the President of Grace University and I still mourn their loss. The loss of him as their leader. As a professor. As this pillar of consistency and wisdom.

There was this one thing that he did while I attended school that I never understood. I mean... even worse than his ethics class.

He would literally schedule out his day into 15 minute increments. His meetings lasted 15 minutes. His phone calls lasted 15 minutes. His lunch lasted 15 minutes.

From the moment he woke up in the morning until... well, honestly, I don't really know when the 15 minute thing ended. Bedtime? When he left the office? I don't know. But my point is, that I always thought he was crazy.

Seriously. What can a person get done in 15 minutes???


I can't even fold a dryer full of clothes in that short amount of time. And forget meals. My kids inherited my enjoyment of running their mouths.

Our meals are ridiculously long and chatty.

ALL of them.

I'm not even an active part of breakfast. (I can't get my mouth to function properly before coffee) Yet it goes on and on and on and my kids never.stop.talking.

I kept hoping for a strong/silent type.

Apparently, that gene doesn't exist on either side of our family.

Anyway. I always thought he was like this human phenomenon for scheduling out his day so rigidly.

Until now.

Until I have literally started filling out my calender with half-hour boxes of tasks for me to complete. (I need a full 30 minutes to get anything done. Blame the fact that I'm a female all you want, but it takes me longer.)

From the moment we get up in the morning to the moment I go to bed after midnight, my day is meticulously scheduled.

I started doing this on accident. I just had so much going on in March and I couldn't seem to remember my own name, let alone what I was supposed to accomplish on a daily basis that I naturally began putting it onto paper.

Then I started to organize those papers. (Fun fact. I LOVE to organize. You might not think that from looking at me or watching me fumble through life. But I honestly love it.) And now I have the next two weeks mapped out in half hours.

And you know what???

I actually feel in control of my life! I actually feel like I can get this ginormous To-Do List completed!!! It feels amazing.

So thanks Dr. E. Your advice has officially come in handy.

Ten years later.

Oh my gosh... TEN YEARS. Well, eight since I actually graduated from school. But still.

Man, time flies.

Ahem. Back to the point.

I've gotten a lot of questions about future releases! And so far everything is on track.

Love and Decay will definitely, definitely be out this Friday. And it will be out during the day sometime. I won't make you wait until nearly midnight this round.

Also. Whew.

I can't give anything away about this episode but...

I just can't.

If I say anything you will inevitably draw the wrong conclusion or I will spoil it for you.

But just know.


Also, Firelight is still scheduled for April! But like... April 30th. So don't expect it any day now. But I do plan to have it out to you this month.

I'll let you read L&D first. Work through all your issues with that. Maybe see a therapist. Then I'll let you have a wonderful Easter.

Then I'll hit you with Firelight.

See how thoughtful I am???

Ignore my evil laughter.

Another fun thing I'm doing this month is an Omnibus of Love and Decay, Season One!!!! It will have all 12 episodes plus the boy POV's! And a super sexy cover which Caedus Design Co put together for me!!!

The other great news about that is that I'm having all of Season One re-edited!! Woot! And so not only will the Omnibus have better versions of the episodes, but updates for all your purchased copies will be available soon!!!

Also print books!!!!!!!!! I'm working on adding a few more each month to my collections.

So, by the end of this month- cross your fingers, because if anything is getting pushed because I run out of time, it's these babies- I should have Season One of Love and Decay available in print (I'm still deciding if it will be one book or two. Because of the length of the entire season, I want to give you the best value for your money.), also The Starbright Series up through Firelight will be available and The Rush and The Fall will be available in print!!!!! That is so very many books for you to add to your bookshelves!!!

Then in May, I will add Bet in the Dark, The Relentless Warrior, Breathless Magic and possibly Bet on Me. The Star-Crossed Series is also getting a little face lift in print!! Woot.

Gosh. You could have a lot of books from me this summer. What? Where did they all come from???

More importantly, who wrote them?!?!?!

Oh wait. Me...


Ok. That might be it for today's announcements.

I think. I hope. It doesn't matter. I've hit my 30 minute mark. Time to move onto something else!! :)

Oh, wait. Here is the cover for the Omnibus!!! It's gorgeous. So prepare yourself.



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  1. best news ever is seeing that L&D will be in print. I want that. I need that.

  2. People think I'm crazy too because I LOVE TO ORGANIZE. I write everything down. Lists and lists and lists. I love lists. Is drives my family crazy!! :) I want all of these in print. So excited. :)