Love and Decay is CANCELLED!!!!


That was mean, wasn't it??? I feel bad already and I haven't even published this yet. 


Don't worry. Love and Decay is just fine. Nothing is happening to it!!!! 

I honestly can't believe it's April already. Where did this year go??? There's only two months of school left! 

Anyway. Back to book stuff. I'll save my mom-freak out for later. It's just that next year I have TWO kids in school full-time. I mean... I can't even wrap my head around that yet. 


So, a few house cleaning items.

I know that I am MONTHS behind in my messages!!! It's horrible. But most days I have to choose between actually getting words on a page or devoting my time to Facebook and Twitter. Usually words on a page wins. 

That's because I LOVE to hear from you. It's the highlight of every day for me. But I think that YOU would rather have a new book than hear from me. :) I know that's not a blanket statement and I really do want to reply. Usually, I mark out a day in the calender to devote to answering all your wonderful messages. 

That day is Friday of this week!

So if you have messaged me, you will hear back soon!!!!

UNLESS, you have commented on my blog. In general, I don't reply to comments on my blog. I would love to just be able to "like" everything, but that's not an option. And the individual comments are a little overwhelming. 

So, if you are commenting just to comment, THANK YOU! I truly appreciate everything you have to say, even if I don't reply back. But, if you have a question that you really want answered, the best place to ask is on Facebook or Twitter. I do respond to those semi-regularly. 

Also, you are welcome to email me... but those are really hit or miss for me. I'm going to be honest with you... there are 35,000 unread emails in my account.... I mean... yeah... It's a giant MESS. I actually really hate it right now, it stresses me out to even go in there. 

And it's not like 35k of good emails... It's 35k of Old Navy coupons and Zulily announcements... 

I'm tempted to delete every single thing and start over... but I know there are important messages in there! So, I juts keep letting it pile up without dealing with it. 

That's kind of the story of my life. :) Anyway, NEVER email me. It is a black hole of clutter and anti-organization. Facebook is much more in my face about the messages I need to read and so I will almost always get back to you there.

The next thing is, THANK YOU to everyone who has read The Fall!!! To me.. that was a really risky book to write and publish. 

When I started the series, I knew that I would highlight human-trafficking. It's one of the social issues that I feel VERY strongly about. On the other hand... I'm writing YA Fiction. And I wasn't sure how far I would take this story. I knew I would be honest with whatever I wrote, but truthfully.. I expected to hold back. 

And then I couldn't. 

While I was writing the story, "holding back" was just not an option. So The Fall came out and I have never been more nervous about publishing a story. 

Except for maybe Reckless Magic.

Anyway, I have been blown away. And your support and enthusiasm for this series has meant the world to me!!! 

Thank you for reading it! Thank you for reviewing it!! And thank you for falling in love with Ivy and Ryder! 

The Fall was also the last of my super-far-behind books!!!!!!! Now, I'm almost caught up!!!!!

And it feels amazing! 

So, Firelight, the third book in the Starbright series, will be out at the very, very end of this month!!!!!! 

And then I'm taking a break from Paranormal!!!! Oh boy. All these epic, world-ending stories seriously take a toll after a while.

I need some love. Some simple, normal, not weird or strange, but just everyday, beautiful, life-changing love. 

I'm ready for a heroine to not have to decide between falling in love and the world ending. And I am really ready to write a heroine that I don't have to take into account all of her other powers and the supernatural world around her as well as her normal, everyday issues. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE paranormal. But, every few books, I need a serious break!

And so I will be taking one after Firelight and writing Bet on Me (Gosh I love that title.). This is the second book in The Bet in the Dark series... which needs a better name than that and I will think of one shortly but not right this second. 


Hope you all are having a fantastic week and that you are getting spring weather because we sure as heck are not. But somebody needs to be enjoying the spring while I am stuck in Winter's purgatory. :)






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  1. NOT NICE! I just yelled OMG out at work! LOL

  2. I was close to a panic attack right there. :(