Loot Box!

Good morning!!

It (And I think I can say this with confidence) is FINALLY spring here!!! Woo hoo!!!! 

Winter lasted FOREVER it seems. But finally the mornings are warm and the afternoons are warmer. Thank the Lord. 

I didn't think I could take it anymore. 

Of course this is Nebraska, so who knows how long this beautiful weather will last.

Last year, it snowed on May 1st. 

It made me so very angry.

And I refused to pull the kids' coats back out because I had already packed them all away. So I sent my children to school in spring jackets and declared a boycott on all things winter-related. My kids just assumed I had forgotten the essentials of living like warmth and safety. Their teachers reinforced (accurately) their belief that I am the worst mother in the world. And my husband just shook his head, because he knows better than to argue with my "logic." 

But winter be damned, we survived. 

Hopefully, I don't have to repeat the same routine this year. Somehow, chaining myself to the light post in front of our house, looking up at the sky and screaming, "Hell no! We don't want your snow!" just does not have the same outcome one might hope for.

Anyway. I'll stop bothering you with all my weather concerns. 

So, The Fall is out. Love and Decay, Episode Five is out. And Firelight is coming out!!

The Fall for Amazon

The Fall for B&N

Love and Decay, S2, Ep. 5 for Amazon

Love and Decay, S2, Ep. 5 for B&N 

Are you sick of me yet?? :) 

Hope not!!! 

But just in case you are, I'm going to start throwing gifts at you so that you forgive me for blowing up your Facebook pages. 

I'm sure you know that reviews are the best thing you can do for an author. Even negative reviews can help at times! 

Please never underestimate my gratitude for each review you write. They are truly a gift to me. 

And I want to return the favor. 

So the internet is blowing up with all these monthly boxes full of goodies. Have you seen them? Clothes, geeked-out products, doggie treats! You sign up for a monthly subscription and they send you a box filled with things they think you will love!!! 

I want to do the same thing!!! 

So each week, I'm going to do a giveaway. It will start on Monday, and I will give you a review goal. Such as, a book on Amazon might need 15 reviews, or 7 reviews or something like that. And you all have until Friday to add your review (if you haven't already). If the book reaches the goal, I will have a drawing on Friday for a winner of a personalized Loot Box from me!!!!!!

The box will have all kinds of goodies in it! Signed books, t-shirts, swag, other fun items that I just love and want to send you!!! It will be super fun and all from me!

All you have to do is review a book on Amazon if you haven't already or help spread the word!!! Then enter the giveaway on Friday morning, so I can pick your name Friday night!!! 

Personally, I'm super excited about this giveaway! It's so much more fun than giving away something like a Kindle. While a new Kindle is awesome, it's so... generic. This is specifically from me to you. 

The first book up is... The Rush. And Caedus Design Co made me this super cool promo pick!!!! 

So there you go!! The Rush needs 11 reviews to reach 100! That's nothing! We could have our very first Loot Box Giveaway THIS Friday!!!!

I'll even make it easy for you and link you right to it!! 

Also. If you're impatient for something I'm giving away! The Rush, Bet in the Dark and Starbright are all .99 today!!!!!!!!!! And today only!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is just on Amazon)

If you haven't picked up those books yet, now is the time!!!

Here are the links to BitD and Starbright!!


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