Giveaway, Free Books and More!!!

It's Monday!!!

So... Announcements. :) Did you expect anything else??? Lol!

The first... I am involved in this SUPER COOL giveaway with Caylie Marcoe, Regan Claire and Theresa Kay!!! We are giving away signed books, gift cards and TONS of ebooks that aren't even ours!! Lol

I swear, there are so many amazing authors signed up for this, you just do not want to miss out!!

Click over to the Spring Book Fling Giveaway to enter for your chance to win!!!!!!!

Giveaway ends the 27th!! So hurry and get your name in!!!!!!

Next.... Bet in the Dark is FREE!!!!!!!! Only for today though. And only on Amazon!!!!!! Go pick it up before I make you pay for it. :)

Bet in the Dark for Amazon!

And finally... Toni Lesatz from My Book Addiction and an official UtopYA Blogger asked me to join a post about the Pros and Cons of writing a Novella Serial!

This post is really aimed at authors or aspiring authors who are thinking about writing one!!! There are two other perspectives from some really cool authors and I think you would get a lot out of it if you've ever thought about writing one!!!

Check it out at My Book Addiction

Ok... I think that's it for now!! I'm sure I will have more later, but that's everything I'm giving away for today!!!

I'll post a Loot Box incentive later this afternoon!!!!!


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