Firelight Delayed!

Ok... are you going to be mad at me???

I hate it. I hate this post more than anything. I promise.

But I have to announce that Firelight is going to be delayed by two weeks!!!

Guys. I did everything I could except give myself enough time to write the darn book. And I don't have a choice but to push back the release date. It's not finished but it's very close. So even if I could write it by my deadline of April 30th, there's no way I could get it edited and ready to go.

The good news is that it will only be delayed by 2 weeks. Sunburst... the true root of all my problems... was delayed by fourteen months. So, two weeks is good, right???

But truly I can trace back all these missed deadlines to Sunburst. It was such a hard book for me to write- especially in the beginning- that everything got pushed back and pushed back. By the time it released in November, 2013, every other book of mine had missed deadlines. (Except for Love and Decay.)

And so the last year has been me struggling to catch up and give myself some breathing room.

I don't think I've ever struggled this much at anything. I mean it has been HARD to catch up. And even harder to write a book that was so difficult on my creative process.

I know this happens to every creative person. You just get stuck. And when you're really, really stuck, it's almost impossible to move on.

Probably during that time period, I should have just moved on to other projects and told Sunburst I'd catch it later. But I believed in the story sooo much that I let myself be stubborn.

Well, I've been paying for it every since!

Although, I really think that if Sunburst wouldn't have been so difficult, that I would not have come up with The Rush, started The Reluctant King or even had the idea for Bet in the Dark.

So in some ways I'm thankful.

In others, I just can't wait to get Firelight out because it's the last of my late releases and then my schedule stretches out a little bit and I'll feel like I can breathe again!!!!!!!

And that's really what I need... more room to write. Don't worry, I've scheduled it in. Other than Bet on Me(Which is a much smaller story comparatively), my next major release won't be until September. I just have to get Firelight out first.

And it really is only a couple weeks late. It's mostly finished. I just have to end it and then send it off to the editor.

I toyed with the idea of pushing Love and Decay back a week, since May has five Fridays and three of those are L&D releases. But.. I'd rather have L&D on time since I left it in such a nerve-racking spot and push Firelight so I don't have to rush it.

Does that make sense????

Man, Monday is kind of a downer, right?? The worst part is, I know of at least two other authors pushing their release dates that were supposed to happen this week! It's something in the air I think. We all caught Spring Fever or something. :)

There are other good things happening though!!!

Last night I released a Love and Decay, Season One Omnibus that includes a new cover, all twelve first season episodes and the two boy POVs from that season. It's only on Amazon right now and it is crazy long... but if you haven't read Love and Decay yet, this is the best way to get it because it's almost half what you pay for the whole season by itself!

Love and Decay, Season One, Omnibus

At least click on the link above so you can go check out that gorgeous cover by Caedus Design Co!!!!!!

Other things... I will be releasing something I'm calling a Paranormal Pack later today!!! This is a personal anthology of all the first books in my paranormal series. So maybe something to gift to all your friends and family??? Teachers? Doctors? Accountants?? Strangers on the street??? :)

It will contain Starbright, The Rush, Reckless Magic and Love and Decay, Season One, Episode One.

If you're reading this blog... probably you have all of those! But just in case, it's an awesome way to get all the firsts in my series.

And most of those series are going to be wrapping up really soon. Star-Crossed and The Siren Series will finish in the fall and after Firelight, The Starbright series only has two books left.


It feels so weird to be closing those series down. I can't even tell you.

Don't worry though... I've already plotted out my next two paranormal series!!! Lol! If only this brain of mine would shut off.

Other things.... I'm planning on a Star-Crossed Novella for the month of August. And I haven't ironed out the details yet, but I'm going to open it up to voting. So you can pick which character you want it to feature. And I would like it to be a female that hasn't been featured yet. So, Lilly or Ophelia or even Roxie. Someone along those lines. You guys get to pick and I'll do a big contest with it starting next month.

Also, Love and Decay is up for Best Novella Series at UtopYA this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so blown away. Like seriously. And I really only have you guys to thank. So thank you so very, very, very much!!! (I'm planning on a sappier, gushier blog post later this week. So get ready!) You can vote for L&D here!!!!!

UtopYA Voting for Love and Decay

And finally, Lila Felix and I are working on the next Forged in Fire book!!! It's called Brazing and we are hoping to get it out to you really, really soon!!!!!!!

Thanks for understanding guys!!! I truly, truly feel awful about Firelight. I did everything I could, save for giving up my sleep completely.

But these two weeks will fly by and it will be in your hands in no time!!!! Promise.


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