Update on The Fall Release

Good morning!!!!!

I love the time change! I also hate it... because I have children and their schedules get thrown out of wack. But I also love it because the days are longer, the weather gets warmer and all and all I stop being SAD.

As in Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I'm so very tired of winter that if it drops below 32 again.. I might burst into tears.

Last year, it snowed here on May 1st. I was so angry, I decided to boycott. Which meant I sent my kids to school in their spring coats as I had already put away their winter ones.

Pretty sure I got worst parent of the year. Because I thought it would warm up and melt by noon... and it definitely stayed below freezing for several days.

I'm sure my kids' teachers just did not have enough good things to say about me... the parent who boycotts weather she can't control.

Anyway! There are a few announcements and then I have a depressing announcement to make. (I'm preparing you for the news. Read the adjective.. Depressing)

First, I'm running a Giveaway for signed paperbacks of Reckless Magic over on my Author Page!! All you have to do is join the Forum in some way. You can comment on any of the running discussions, or start one of your own! For every time you have a new post, your name will be entered to win a signed copy of Reckless Magic. I will pick three winners and first place will also get a Team Kiran T-shirt!!!!!

So go do it! It's a super easy way to be entered!!!!

Last night Zach and I released another podcast for Zach and Rachel Take Over the World!!!!!! We talk True Detective and other TV. You learn how much of a snob my husband can be about entertainment and I answer three Reader-Submitted Questions about future intimacy between Reagan and Hendrix, who is going to die in Love and Decay and where my most awkward "ah-ha" book moment happened!!!! It's super fun. And we laugh a LOT!!!

Especially me.

I'm a giggler.

I can't help it.

Listen to it here!!!!

Zach and Rachel Take Over the World


And now to the depressing part of your Monday!!

The Fall is... late.


Which in turn makes Firelight late.

Now before when I have announced something like this, I have meant that the project would be postponed for months. Even Endless Magic was a whole month late.

And we know all my issues with Sunburst and The Relentless Warrior. I really struggled to write those two books and I am just really paying for it now. Those books put me months, maybe even a year, behind on all of my projects. Plus they were also more than six months late- each of them.

The good news about what I'm announcing today, is that I don't mean months. I mean maybe a week, a week and a half. The Fall will be out VERY soon. It won't be this Friday because it won't be finished at the editors by then. But I'm shooting for next weekend.

I'm more disappointed than you'll ever be. I promise you that. I really purposed to have everything on time from now on.. But I should know better than to expect things to work out how I plan them.

I write a lot of books and I'm working on several projects. So my schedule is that if I get a couple days behind in something, then my whole schedule gets thrown off.

It's a corner I pushed myself into when I struggled with TRW and Sunburst.

Don't worry, I'm fixing it!!! After Firelight I'm taking a HUGE break from publishing anything but L&D. Like.. a six month break. Which is probably normal for most authors but not for me.

But during that time I'm really hoping to get everything caught up and set so that I don't have this issue again.

I have a really, really big publication year this year. I'm publishing something like eight full-length novels and Love and Decay.. And a bunch of extra novellas- like Breathless and all my boy POVs for Love and Decay. I mean.. In. One. Year.

So I really do need the break. Not that I won't be writing.. just that I won't be publishing every single month.

Anyway! The best news about The Fall that I can give you, is that sometimes I'm late because of ME. Because I get in my way... And sometimes I'm late because of LIFE.

But this time it's because my life got crazy busy and I couldn't sit down at my computer to get the words that are in my head onto the computer.

The great news, is that it's almost all wrapped up and tied with a bright, beautiful bow. And I'm SO very excited to give it to you!!! So yes, you might have to wait one more week. Or just a little longer than that. BUT. Then it will be yours. And it will be worth the extra little wait.

I promise.

And for those of you waiting for Firelight! With everything else piling up... it will be a little bit late as well. I won't publish it until April.

I HATE to do this to you!! But... right now I don't have a choice. And this is a thing that I am working to fix. Like... permanently. And maybe you might enjoy this year?? Next year, I'm slowing way way way down. I'm going to work SUPER HARD this year to wrap some of these series up for you and then I'm going to cut back on my publishing releases by a LOT. This is a crazy year for me, but I want you guys to have your series finished. I want you to have all your happily ever afters!

And I want to never be late with another project again. (That might be a pipe dream.)

Thank you for being so gracious with me!!!


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  1. You are amazing and even if we wait for a release you aways make it worth the wait. You have the love and support of you fans!

  2. I just finished The Rush and was looking to buy The Fall because I saw that it was supposed to have come out fall 2013 - but its still not out and its still running late? And now I read you aren't going to write anymore of the series for 6 months? Should I give up on this series? Have you? Is there a plan or timeline for the rest of the story?

    I wish I had read all this before getting invested in a series I'm not sure the author herself can or wants to invest in. Because I really liked this book, and now I'm just disappointed.

  3. Wow. OK she is a busy wife mother and author. She puts out so many books and everything she writes will have that effect on you. Her books are worth the wait. It does not mean she doent care. But I have to say I think you are out of line. Try her other stories until The Fall is released you won't be sorry but be patient.

  4. I am really sad about the Fall i have been very excited about Friday but it is worth the wait. i am really looking forward to reading the whole series. It is very captivating and the release cant get here fast enough. Im still excited so thank you for the amazing story.

  5. From one writer to another, I greatly admire your ambition. From one mom to another, I totally get falling behind on things, and from one reader to another I can't wait to read The Fall whenever it does come out. I know I'd rather you take your time to deliver the amazing stories that you always do, than rush it to meet a deadline. Happy writing and I can't wait to read it.