Title Contest/Giveaway Winners Announced!

So what a week!!!! No internet was the worst thing ever.


But here we are! Finally!

First, let me just say, that this was SO fun. I loved allllll of your suggestions! I feel so very un-creative with titles! They are really hard for me. But, I ask you guys to come up with one and BAM! All of a sudden I have fifty titles that could easily work!

I'm so impressed. Seriously.

You should also know that the list of finalists in order for me to narrow down the finalists to three was PAGES long.

I'm not kidding.

It took me forever!!!

Finally, I got to three. And they are fantastic. And I could literally go with any of them.

So this is where the rest of you come in!! You guys get to vote for which Title you think I should pick!!

The winner not only gets a Kindle Fire HD, but their name in a future episode of Love and Decay!

Second and Third place are not without prizes either!!

I'm giving away signed books and gift cards to the runners up!!

Now for the winners.

1.) Bet on Me ----- Submitted by Bobbi Jo Green-Bentz

2.) A Dark Gamble -- Submitted by Lynn Tucker


3.) The Bring-In Bet -- Submitted by Robynne Surridge
(I just want to note that this phrase is used in a variant of poker called Baseball Poker.)

Now here is where to vote: Title Finalists Poll

You have one week to vote!

Thank you again to everyone that participated!!! You guys are so awesome. <3


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