Title Contest Winner!!!!!!

This morning has been amazing so far!! I mean, I'm not a morning person by any means... but this particular morning has been awesome!!!!

The Fall is out!!! Yay!! That is amazing to me. And I'm so happy that you can finally read it.

Probably tomorrow you're going to get a big, weepy, overjoyed blog about the journey of this book. Don't worry! I'll hold off for at least one more day. :)

Because.... We have a winner for the Title Contest!!!!!!!!!!

This is very exciting!!! Especially because I am in LOVE with the title you all chose!! AND because now I can write the book!!!!!!!

I mean, I probably always could have started the book before... but there is just something about having a title that makes it official. Before it felt kind of... lost.

Now it has a home. And it's an AWESOME home! And I cannot wait to tell Beckett's story and share it with you!!!

So, without further ado.... The title for the second Bet in the Dark book, chosen by you, is.....

Bet on Me!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh. I love it. Congratulations Bobbi Jo Green-Bentz!!!!! You not only picked out the title for a future book, but you have won brand new Kindle, PLUS your name will appear in an upcoming episode of Love and Decay!!!!

Second place goes to Lynn Tucker with A Dark Gamble!

Third place goes to Robynne Surridge with The Bring in Bet!

Honestly, I would have been happy with any of those titles. They are all awesome! And you ladies are all winners!!! Please contact me for information about your prizes!!!


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