Teaser Tuesday!!!!!

Because The Fall is running late, I'm going to give you a couple teasers to help get you through until the release date!!!! One here and then one on my Facebook page later today. Also there will be cute stuff going on my Twitter account, so if you don't follow me over there, better go do that now! (All those words are linked to my sites.)

First, let me just say you have all been SO supportive and encouraging and I just really, truly appreciate that. You have no idea. It hurts me so much to push this deadline. I know that you don't get to see the behind-the-scenes things and that you should be able to rely on release dates, but when they fall through and I have to let you down, you all are just so very awesome! You keep this my dream job when it could so easily become work.

So. Thank you!!!!!

Second, there has been some confusion! And I just want to clear it up. The Fall is ONE week or a week and a half late. NOT months. Only 7-14 days late. It will be out before the end of March. The only thing that will not be out for six months is the FINAL book in the trilogy. The Heart, which is the third and last book in The Siren Series won't be out until October. This break is so that I can write The Heart and get it to you on time. Not because I'm giving up on the series or walking away from it. I cannot wait to finish this series! I cannot wait for you to have all of Ivy's story. And I'm guessing you won't be able to wait either after you read The Fall. :) But, I need time to write the third book and have it edited. So, that is why there is the stretch of time between when The Fall comes out and The Heart.

Ok. I hope that clears everything up!!!

Now... a teaser for your reading pleasure.

Nix continued, “And this is Ky Aries.” I tugged my hand from Haden’s tight grip and stilled every escape-instinct in my body so that I could accept Ky’s greeting next. Ky, possibly the opposite of Crete if that were possible, yet still eerily similar. There was a hardness to his very soul that terrified me. His light blonde hair could have been gray in a different light. His body was packed muscle that bulked in his tailored jacket and pushed into every neighboring space. His light silver eyes were the color of steel, or a blade. They glinted in the yellow light as dangerous as the tip of a knife. His smile turned up wickedly in the corners and his bronzed skin was leathered from exposure and years and years in the sun… or battlefield.

Ky was shortened from Kydoimos, which meant “the spirit of battle.” Kydoimos Aries, otherwise known as Ares, the god of war.

I gulped.

“What a magnificent creature you are,” Ky grinned at me.

Nix’s arm went around my shoulder and he pulled me back into the curve of his body. His fingers trailed down my bare arm before settling on the dip of my waist. “Isn’t she?” he asked in a taunting tone.

“Ah,” Crete said knowingly. “This is the one, then? Our… siren?”

“My siren,” Nix corrected.

“The rumors have not done you justice.” Ky’s lecherous gaze roamed over my body. He took in every inch of me like I was on display for only him.

Nix’s grip tightened on my hip and I abhorred myself in that moment because he felt safer than the two men across the table from me. I couldn’t even claim that Nix was the “lesser” evil, he was simply the more familiar.

My mind wandered to Ryder while Nix rattled off some of my finer qualities as if I was a prize racehorse he was convincing them to bet on. A pang of guilt hit me when I realized I hadn’t texted to tell him I wasn’t going to make practice tonight. I hadn’t even looked at my phone since Ana called earlier today. He was probably worried about me.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a steadying breath. That thought calmed me. The idea of Ryder caring about me, thinking about me while I stood in the pits and held conversations with snakes, soothed my aching soul.

He was waiting for me.

He wouldn’t let anything happen to me.

He would keep me safe.


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