Cover Updates!!!

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for me.

I mean, seriously!!!! It's a big day.

It marks the three year anniversary of the day I published Reckless Magic.

I am already emotional about it. I can't even tell you.

But tomorrow you'll get a big, sappy blog about it in which I will cry and regale you with stories of my time as a writer. :)

Tonight, I'm going to show you the brand new covers of Starbright and Sunburst!!!!!

Because they are awesome.

And my husband created them. And he is a genius. And if you are an author and want a super, super unique cover for a fantastic price, you need to check him out. Because honestly, I am in awe of him.

Go here: Caedus Design Co.

And now... here is Starbright!!! (Which is currently FREE, so go get it if you haven't yet!!! The Third book in the series comes out NEXT MONTH!!!!)

Stella is a Star, sent by a Council of Elders to live on Earth and protect the planet from the Darkness, a terrifying evil that would suck the good from every living thing and leave the planet empty and desolate. She has until her twenty-fifth birthday before the Protectorship becomes hers and Earth is left solely her responsibility.

Stella’s fate goes on fast forward as she struggles to balance the rest of high school with the duties of protecting humanity from the deadliest kind of evil.

With her parents and Seth, the boy intended to be her Counterpart, by her side she faces down demons and fallen angels in an effort to protect the last inhabited planet in the universe.

But evil is not her only enemy. She also fights her future as she tries to decide if she’s willing to give up her human relationships, especially that of her best friend Tristan, in order to save humanity.

Starbright for Amazon
Starbright for Barnes and Noble

And here is Sunburst!!!

Stella Day will one day be the Protector of Earth, but right now she's focused on other things. Surviving high school, having a winning soccer season and balancing the two guys in her life all vie for her attention. She isn't ready for her future or the massive destiny waiting for her.

Unfortunately for Stella, destiny isn't patient. Stella's life becomes complicated when the Darkness won't leave her alone. She's plagued by Shadows at practice and in school. Seven, Seth's deranged sister, is stalking her. And Aliah has made it his life's mission to destroy her before she turns eighteen and comes into the fullness of her powers.

In a risky effort to save her life, Seth makes a deal with the devil that changes everything. Suddenly, it's no longer her own life that Stella is desperate to save. She must find a way to protect her Counterpart before he becomes the worst threat of all.

As Stella grapples with the intensity of her feelings for both Tristan and Seth, her choice might just be made for her. While the Darkness demands her attention, humanity and the high school life she loves will fade into the background as she embraces the purpose she was given and the most complicated battle yet.

This time it's not just her life on the line, but her heart as well. Choosing which boy to love might not mean a happily ever after. Choosing between Seth and Tristan might just lead to a heartbreak she never imagined.

Sunburst is the second installment in the Starbright Series.

Sunburst for Amazon
Sunburst for Barnes and Noble


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