Zach and Rachel Take Over the World

Happy Wednesday!!!!

We are TWO days away from Love and Decay!!!!!!

Are you so excited?

I am!! :)

And while we're talking about Love and Decay... I uploaded the two Boy POVs for Kindle a while ago but it takes some time for Amazon to catch up to the Free pricing. I didn't say anything because I didn't want you to go spend money on them when I knew they would be free soon.

Finally, this morning they went FREE!!!! Now you can download them to your Kindle and don't have to bother with Smashwords. Woot woot!!

I'm pretty excited about that.

I'll link it later in this blog to help make it easy!!!

But first I want to talk about something fun I'm doing!! My husband, Zach, and I started a podcast that we are calling Zach and Rachel Take Over the World!!

It's going to happen once a week and it's roughly 25 minutes long.

It's just a really fun, silly thing that we basically laugh through. :) We talk some about trends in the indie industry and other current events, too!! Like Bob Costas's pink eye.

The podcast is linked here on my blog, down at the bottom on the left hand side. Have a listen! I think you will be entertained. :)

Alright, here are the links for the Amazon Free books!!!!!

Kane's Law for Amazon

Boy Meets Girl for Amazon


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