The Fall Cover Reveal!

I finally set a date for The Fall.

March 14th!!! That's a little less than a month away!!!!!!!!! How excited are you to get back to Ryder and Ivy?? I know I am SUPER excited to share the next part of their journey with you!

I want to show you the cover for The Fall.

It's so gorgeous. And I am in love with it.

I also gave The Rush another cover... It took a while to find the right one, but these two covers together are perfect. And they better not change again. :) Designs by.. of course... Caedus Design, Co.

First, here is The Rush.

And now... The Fall

In Ivy Pierce’s world, Greek mythology is reality. Sirens, like herself, use men for money, power and status; but she has the greatest gift of all. Stronger than any of the Siren’s before her, Ivy’s attraction alludes to a prophecy that could mean the rebirth of Greek gods and goddesses for our modern time.

The Fates believe she is the symbol of a new era. Her mother believes she is the key to ultimate power in their Greek circle. And Nix, her godfather and god of the sea, believes she belongs to him.

Ivy doesn’t want any part of her world or the people that demand so much of her. With the help of Ryder Sutton, her closest friend, she will fight against fate, against the expectations of her society and against the desires of a monster that will do anything to possess her.

And through it all she will deny her feelings for the one person she loves more than anything in order to protect him.

While her future crumbles around her, Ivy will go to extreme lengths to free herself from her glass prison—or drown trying.

Add it to your Goodreads lists!!!!!!!

The Fall for Goodreads


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  1. Can't wait! Will Firelight be out in March as well or will it be pushed out?

  2. Excited screaming inside!!!