Love and Decay, Episode Two

I published a little bit early last night, so if you didn't see, Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Two IS LIVE!!!

On all places.



I'm not exactly sure what to call them. But it's live on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble!!!!

I've been getting an increase in messages that you all are afraid to read these...

So, don't worry, I made this one super boring. Nothing happens. It's safe to read...

Do you believe me?

You definitely should not... Because I'm a filthy liar. :)

I feel like we need a Zombie Support Group to help everyone get through the episodes. A virtual hand-holding or something.

Here are the links for you so you can enter the world of post-apocalyptic Zombie-ism.

Love and Decay, Episode Two for Amazon

Love and Decay, Episode Two for Barnes and Noble


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