Breathless Teaser!!

So I'm back in Eden's head.

Which is honestly, a strange place to be.

I didn't think I would come back here. Like ever. For the most part Eden and Kiran are wrapped up nicely with a big, beautiful, happily-ever-after bow.

But this Novella is SUPER Fun!!! I am loving it.

And I think a lot of the reason is because I'm not writing about Eden and Kiran the kids, with their immature, young love and grocery list of trust issues.

I'm writing about Eden and Kiran the adults, that are happily married with a mature, lasting love that is secure in each other and a little bit steamy. :)

And it's fun!

I love Eden as an adult. And I really, really love Kiran as one.

But here's the thing... these people are real. Like in real life, they're real. I'm convinced of it.

Does that make me crazy?




But here's why.

There is a BIG event that happens in The Relentless Warrior. LIKE BIG. And it's tragic and traumatic and heartbreaking.

I wrote the "event" in Jericho's POV in TRW. And I was sad... and I had emotions... but mostly, Jericho's a guy so he dealt with it how men deal with things.

Now, I'm going through that same event with Eden...

Things are different.

Like, NOW, I'm sitting at my desk weeping hysterically with snot streaming from my nose and mascara running down my face.

With Jericho, I got through the whole "happening" with on single tear leaked.

With Eden? Now I'm a hysterical mess, screaming "WHYYYYYYYYYY" at my ceiling fan. I'm ugly crying. Very ugly crying.

What's funny is that I wrote Jericho purposefully and that scene purposefully. It had to happen that way because of who Jericho is and how his relationship with the "event" had developed over the years.

But Eden is a completely different character.

And now she/or me officially needs therapy.

Poor girl.

Alright, that's not what you signed up for.. So. Here is a little teaser of Breathless Magic that releases a week from today!!!! Yay!!

This is from Eden.

That’s very benevolent of you,” I grinned at her. I knew she would find happiness. I even knew she’d already found her soul mate. They were just stubborn as hell, and loved to hate each other. It turned them both on in this really gross way that I never wanted to think about.

“I can be benevolent,” she huffed.

The door opened then and Kiran stepped inside our west-tower apartment that took up the entire wing. He glanced impatiently between Seraphina and me; the frown that drew his eyebrows together deepened. He stalked towards me in all his dominating, I-run-this-Kingdom, ocean-blue-eyed glory and I practically melted into a puddle at his feet.

It wasn’t fair that he was so breathtakingly gorgeous, or that I could feel his charged, anticipating magic like it ran through my own blood. Just by being in the same room as him, feeling his presence as it sunk into every pore and vein in my body, made my knees wobble together and my heart pick up speed with my own secret expectations.

I was supposed to be mad at him.

“Out, Seraphina,” he growled at my guest. “I need my wife.”


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  1. GAHHH - why do you do this to us?!?!

    Oh wait, I know. Because we like it. And ask for it. Repeatedly.