The 2014 Experience

Good morning!!

So it's been FOREVER since I've blogged. Like two weeks.

This is my first blog of 2014. I feel like I fell of the side of the Earth for a little bit.

But I'm back, don't worry.


I've been deep in the writing cave. Which I think you'd rather have The Relentless Warrior than my daily blogs that are mostly nonsensical ramblings. But maybe I'm wrong.


No, I'm not wrong.

Even my writing cave has been disturbed lately. Since every child and my husband dealt with the flu and other random illnesses over the last two weeks.... We've had the plague.

It's been bad.

It started New Years Eve.. whatever IT was, because it was multiple things and ongoing things and gross things... with my husband. Then the children got it and it bounced back and forth between them and then just when I thought we were all healthy and completely back to life, one of the girls ended strong with a UTI that sent us to urgent care for an entire day. Whew. It was a mess.

Throw in the mix that Zach turned 30 last week and my Stryker turned 3 and we have had an eventful couple of weeks!!!

And now we recover.

AKA I get back to work and ignore the laundry and the upstairs that desperately need attention.

So you might not ever hear from me again... I'm a little bit buried.

I know you are all waiting on The Relentless Warrior. Believe me. I know. And nobody is more impatient than me.

It's taking me a LONG time to write it. But I'm really hoping that this is good news for you. I want this to be a great book and I want the wait to have been worth it. I'm hoping that I'm accomplishing that.

Fingers crossed.

But seriously, I'm in the last fourth of the book... so it shouldn't be too much longer. It's just a process.. more so than any other book I've written.

But know that it will be soon.

I also have a fairly big announcement.

I'm changing the release date of Love and Decay.


Changing it.

Panicked yet???

Usually when I announce something like this, it means that I'm pushing it back. Way back. And that you have to wait for a year for the next installment to come out.


I'm moving the release date UP!!

I- in my infinite wisdom- double-booked Valentine's Day for a release. And so I've made the executive decision to release Love and Decay, Episode One of Season Two February.......... 7th!!!!!!!!!!!
You get to have it a whole week early!!!! I hope you're excited about that!!

Because I am! I miss Love and Decay. Yeesh. I can't wait to get back into it.

And then on Valentine's Day you will get a novella from me about Eden and Kiran!!! Oh yes, I'm going old school.

A while back you voted on which couple you'd like to see reappear in a novella and Eden and Kiran won!!

I think I forgot to announce that whenever I closed voting... oops. But I'm announcing it now!!!!!!

This one will be for sale, unlike the recent novella's I've been releasing. It's part of a larger.. thing. I can't think of the technical name for it right now because it's Monday Morning. Yeah, that's my excuse... :) But it's like when a bunch of authors write novellas and then release them on the same day... Right? You know what I'm talking about. It's called Open Hearts and it's with like Shelly Crane and Lila Felix and Amity Hope and more!!

So to recap... TRW is coming. I keep saying that. But truly it is. Love and Decay will be out an entire week early!!! (February 7th) and Eden and Kiran are getting a new novella that will be out on Valentine's Day!!!!!!

I went from releasing a book about blood, guts and killing to a romantic, mushy, gushing love story... Probably best for that holiday. :)

Alright!! I think that's all the announcements for now!!!


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  1. <3 Love and Decay early? EEEPPPPP! :)

  2. You had me worried for a minute but I'm SOOOO ecstatic! I'd still love you anyway but this makes it easier ;D.