Teaser Two-fer

I'm working on multiple projects right now, so I thought I would give you a teaser from a couple of them today!!!

Here, on el blog, I'm releasing my very last teaser of The Relentless Warrior!!!!!!

Did you guys know that I'm releasing that beautiful book at the end of THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Or close. Maybe the end of the weekend. I'll know more in a day or so and give you an exact day. :)

But. It is coming out VERY soon.

So check out the last of the Jericho teasers here. And then head on over to my Author Page and you can get your first look at Love and Decay, Season Two!!!!! I'm pretty excited for that one too.

And stay tuned for a glimpse of Breathless Magic. There just might be something for you later....

From Jericho's POV-

Nothing I said at this point would help my cause and I wasn’t at the point where I could declare something lasting to her. I had feelings, sure. But I didn’t know how deep they ran and I knew I wasn’t in a place to ask her to find out with me.

That was playing with something neither of us could face yet.

So instead, I reached out and shoved her shoulder. “No more stalling,” I told her. “If this doesn’t work, we’ll just erase their memories and send them on a cruise.

“You can do that?” she gasped.

I waved my hand through the air, “These are not the droids you're looking for.”

She raised one eyebrow and concluded dryly, “You’re joking.”

“That’s from Star Wars!”

She rolled her eyes and opened her door. A cold blast of January air assaulted the cab but I came prepared with magic to fight against the ungodly Chicago winter temps. I honestly didn’t know how humanity suffered through these winters without magic. It did not seem possible to me.

“All guys are the same,” she grunted and slipped down from the cab. “Cars,” she threw out with a careless hand, “Star Wars and sex. It’s honestly like you share one brain. You’re some kind of hive creatures or something. Where is the mother brain, Jericho? Underneath a football stadium? In the back room of strip club? Tell me and I promise to keep your secret safe.”

“Hey!” I hurried after her. “We are not all the same.”

She hesitated with her finger poised over the doorbell. “Really? So you and Titus did not almost come to blows over which one of you would drive the Porsche and which one of you would get stuck with the BMW?”

“Titus got the Porsche last time,” I told her. “And it wasn’t a Cayenne, it was a 911. So… I mean, I’m still getting the short end of the stick here.” She ignored me and pressed in on the lighted doorbell. “Plus, I used Star Wars for your benefit, not mine.”

“My benefit?” she snorted.

“Well, you’re supposed to be human,” I pointed out. “But I’m starting to have my doubts.”

And just because I love this cover so much and you deserve a little eye candy... here is the TRW cover one last time before it goes Live!!!!


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