This Old House

Alright, I'm officially back to work today.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving! And then this weekend I spent putting my house together.

And then yesterday I fought a migraine.

So boo for that.


Well, mostly.

Honestly, it hasn't been this put together since probably.... before I wrote Endless Magic. And that is the truth.

After Fearless, I found out I was pregnant whilst trying to finish a book(Endless), so that had to be when things started falling apart.

And then that summer, I was in my third trimester and we were trying to move. Which was SUCH a nightmare.

Then literally, we moved into our house and a week later I had the baby. Since then, it's been a series of trying to keep us somewhat together, plus all the kids, plus all the writing. And my house has suffered ever since.

Granted, one side of our garage is still jam-packed with boxes that might never see the light of day again.

I still can't find our blender. And after living here for a year and a half, I'm starting to think we don't need it anyway. And I will forever be in the process of doing/folding/putting away laundry. UNTIL THE DAY I DIE.

BUT, our rooms are finally together, the beast(the house) has been deep cleaned AND my Christmas decorations are put up!!!!

Most importantly are the rooms though.

The baby will be sixteen months old this month... And he's definitely been sleeping in our closet this entire time!

In a crib. And our closet is a walk-in with plenty of space. But still, he's been in a closet!!!

Now. Finally. I took the weekend off of writing, deep cleaned my house and moved a bunch of stuff around... The baby now has his very own bedroom.

And Stryker moved up to a real bed.

I feel so put together. I mean, I haven't showered in three days, my hair is a giant rats nest, let's not even discuss the no make-up situation going on around my face, my massive pile of dirty dishes need to be done, there is something irreversibly lodged between my back molars, I'm ridiculously behind on deadlines and we were desperately out of toilet paper until my husband made an emergency stop at Target today.

Big breath.

Other than that, I mean, seriously, call me Super Woman. Ok, don't really call me that. Hot mess does not even begin to describe....

Anyway!!! There is a teaser for The Relentless Warrior over on my Facebook Page!! The goal is to get TRW out THIS Month. But we shall see. And other than that Episode Twelve is NOW available on Amazon!!!! Season One of Love and Decay is officially wrapped up and I will be publishing the Episodes 7-12 Bundle today!! Woot woot!!!

Hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday!!!!


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