Monday Mayhem

This definitely feels like Monday morning to me.

We were late getting up. Late getting to school. And now I've spent too many minutes reading news articles that make me angry.

Do you ever do that?? I should not be allowed near the news. I just get hopping mad.

And it's not all like politically-related items. (Although, those do make my blood pressure rise.) No, this morning had to do with marriage/weddings and an article on whether you're feeding your ego or your calling with your career.

I don't even want to get into it... I'll probably get mad again. :)

Well, I'll just make one point. The ego/calling article said that if you are filled with anxiety then all you're doing is feeding our ego. Your calling isn't dependent on self-fulfillment so therefore you shouldn't have anxiety.

I'm calling BS right now!!!!

As one very anxious person... everything I do in life consists of anxiety! I can't help it. I had a week long panic attack last week. I'm not kidding. An entire week filled with panic attacks.

I have the hives to prove it.

And honestly, I can't even figure out the source of them.

Anyway, that's not the point. I just felt a little self-righteous and needed to vent about it. :)

Now I'm watching the Food Network because I find it soothing. I really wish I could cook like that. I'll settle for watching other people cook like that.

It's like my Xanax. When the internet-world as a whole makes my temper skyrocket the only cure is more cowbell The Food Network.

I'm also diving into TRW and making real, authentic, serious progress. Woot woot!!!! I'll have bunches of teasers for you this week. Wednesday I'll do a Write-In Wednesday Vlog.. so if you have questions, now is the time to ask! And I'm working on something big for you towards the end of the week!!! (Get excited.)

Hope your Monday is smoother and calmer than mine.


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