Extra Teaser for your Tuesday!!!

So, it's December!! And I'm feeling generous.

I thought about different ways to "give" gifts to you all. I kind of want to compile all of your addresses, wrap something up and personally deliver them. But obviously... that would be creepy. I could go the give-away route... but only so many people get to win those. And I want something for you ALL! I could write this long, loquacious, rambling blog about how much I love and appreciate you all. But then, that's not really a gift, is it? It's just me talking...

Although, I still might do it. Get ready.

Mostly, I just want to GIVE something to as many people as I can!

A lot of you already own a bunch of my books. But. I'm making a few of them free this month anyway! Just in case you don't. This is just one way I want to give to your holiday season.

I'm also giving away bunches of teasers!!! :)

I know those are equally as frustrating as they are exciting. But... I'm still brainstorming!!!

So, anyway. While I solve my Santa-Clause-Complex, I'm going to give you another teaser today.

This is from The Relentless Warrior. Olivia's POV.

Jericho stalked over to me- a feral animal on the hunt for his prey. He was two parts refined gentleman, one part primal savage. I wondered what happened in his life to make his nice, clean edges so ragged and frayed. Most of the time he was the kind of guy that always came through for his friends, the one that treated women with respect and obeyed traffic laws. And then something would slip from his meticulous veneer and I would catch glimpses of a man on a ledge- a lost, wild barbarian that stared down the side of a rocky cliff debating his chances of surviving the jump, knowing he would free fall anyway.

I didn’t know how to explain it, but I knew something floated beneath his sophisticated surface.

Something I wanted to discover, investigate, explore in depth until he was no longer a mystery to me; until I could reconcile the feelings of absolute safety that ballooned inside me whenever he was near and the contrasting feelings of nervous energy that always seemed to buzz back and forth in my blood like a swarm of bumble bees.

Jericho laid his hands down on my shoulders, cupping the bone with his strong, masculine hands. A current of hot, electrified energy hummed just below my skin and I forced myself not to flinch at the contact. I was steadily growing used to this whenever another one of Jericho’s kind touched me; but the unpleasant feeling seemed to shock me first and then settle into a tolerable vibration.

“Not all of us are scary, Olivia,” he murmured in a low, rumbling voice. “Not all of us want to hurt you.”

I met his hazel gaze and tilted my chin defiantly. “It’s enough that some of you want to hurt me.” I shook my head quickly when he opened his mouth to argue. My blonde bob bounced around my face and stuck to my lips. “Some of you already have, Jericho".


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