Back to Life. Back to Reality.

Good morning!!

I am excited to be blogging!

More like I'm excited to be back to work. I had a crazy Friday and Saturday- filled with friends, family activities and Christmas parties. And then yesterday happened and I couldn't move. I was so exhausted. Like to my bones- the very marrow.

And I'm not exactly sure why. I mean, we were go-go-go for two days straight, but I'm used to being busy.

More, like I was I up late three nights in a row and that completely wiped me out.

I used to pull all-nighters in college and live for days on like two hours of sleep and endless cups of coffee. Even a year ago, I could write late into the wee morning hours and wake up with the kids like I'd had the best sleep of my life.

Apparently, my 30th birthday looming on the horizon has signified a metamorphosis of some kind. I'm fine with the number 30. I'm not fine with feeling like anything past 9pm is the fiery gates to hell.

I do my best writing at night! I'm a total late-night person! I LOATHE the mornings.

I mean, I think? I hope.... I'm not so sure anymore.

It's just that my definition has changed from being able to keep my eyes open until the sun comes up to wondering if I'll even be able to move the next day if my eyes stay open one moment past midnight.

It's terrible.

I'm not alone though. My husband is the same way. Somehow growing older crept up on us and then hit us in the head with a crowbar when we were looking the other direction. We are the burglars in Home Alone trying to steal Christmas presents/AKA youth. And Mcauley Culkin is reality completely kicking our asses.

Le sigh.

Anyway, I had my day of recovery yesterday. And now I'm back at it.

I have one week to finish this book.

Yep, that's my deadline.

Not sure if I'll make it. But I'm going to give it my best.

Mostly, I have to finish it this week because I'm really working hard to keep my house better kept. It got a little out of control with Sunburst. And I vowed to never let a book run my life like that again. (Ha! This might be a joke...) SO. I am on a two week deep-cleaning regiment. It's actually been going well. And has been for several months. I almost feel like a recovering addict. I'm three months clean. And I mean that literally. Saturday will be the day that I clean again.

But it's hard to stop in the middle of the end of a book. Does that make sense??? I don't know. Anyway, it will just be easier for everyone involved if I'm finished and can solely focus on cleaning.

And by everyone, I mean me, Jericho, Olivia and Terletov. :)


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