Tired of my books???

Because I released three books in ONE WEEK.

Am I crazy???


And I'm taking the next three days off. So ha. Take that. :)

Just kidding!

I mean, about the snarky attitude. I'm still taking the next few days off. Zach and I are headed out of town for the weekend. We need to reconnect. He needs to know that I love him more than all my fictional boys. And I need to remember there's a world on the other side of my laptop screen.

Plus, we're headed to a Husker game where I will pretend I understand football and care about the outcome. :)

It really is a fun experience though!! Nebraska fans are nuts. And it's amazing to get swept away in that crowd.

Anyway! I'm posting because of two reasons. The first is that my Facebook author page is almost to 2,000 Likes!!!! Which is super exciting!!! Once it hits 2k, I'm going to write you all a boy POV of your choice!! There's even a poll you can vote on and everything!

Your options are Ryder, Fin, Hendrix, Vaughan, Kane, Seth, Tristan or Talbott!!!! Hendrix is currently in the lead!!!!

So get on over there and vote! And if you haven't Liked my page yet, you need to get on that too. :) Especially because later today I'm doing a Fun Fact Friday about Love and Decay!!!

And the second reason I'm posting is because Love and Decay, Episode Ten is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! It was a special Halloween episode and it is ready to go!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Here are the links.

Rachel's Author Page

Love and Decay, Episode Ten for Amazon

Love and Decay, Episode Ten for B&N


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  1. I knew we had something in common!! My husband is a born and bred Husker fan! We live in CA and we went to a Husker game 2 years ago when Nebraska played mine and my husband's Alma Mater Fresno State! It was the best game I have ever attended. The people were so nice, yes, Husker fans are the best!!!

    My husband's family moved to CA when he was young, which is why he didn't go to college there, but he is a fan!! His grandparents still live in Lincoln.