Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl

Hendrix's POV is LIVE on Smashwords!!! I titled it Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl. And it's ready to be downloaded!

This is the process I went through. Be warned, I am the least tech-savvy person alive. So this is very, um, elementary... If you have a better way, please, feel free to post it below.

I have a Kindle Fire, so I went to via my Fire and searched Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl. You will need an account for this, but it takes like a minute to create one.

Ok, once I was to the page I wanted, I then scrolled down and chose the download option that worked for me. I tried the Kindle option but that never opened. So then I just picked the PDF file and that opened easily. It also opened on my phone that way, and I was able to choose which app I wanted it opened in- obviously I picked my Kindle App. So everything was super easy for me and I could read it in seconds.

If you have a device that does not give you the option to search the internet, then I know you can use your computer, go to Smashwords, download it on that and then plug your device into your computer and transfer the file. I tried to do this... could not figure it out.... and my husband is not here to explain it as if to a two year old. So, I'm no help there. But I know plenty of people download from Smashwords this way.

Worst case scenario you can always open it on your computer with the Online Reading application. But hopefully your devices work out. I've added the novella to the Smashwords premium catalog and it is currently being reviewed. This usually takes a week or so? And once it's added, Smashwords will distribute it to all of the other sites. So, you will eventually be able to get it off B&N and Kindle for FREE. But it takes a while and this is an option for you to start reading it today!!

Ok, I hope this works for you!! Sorry, I couldn't be more technical.

Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl


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  1. I tried kindle/ mobi option n said couldn't be delivered . did work when chose PDF option but only to kindle app on phone. Dk how to get it to my actual kindle. Maybe emailing it to kindle? I'll try n post if works in case anyone else is having issues. Computers broken but worst case will read on phone:)

    1. Just letting know can email PDF version to actual kindle if downloading on phone or computer.

  2. I found the downloaded pdf in my download folder using an app called office suite on my my kindle.