Sunburst is LIVE!!!

So. Something happened yesterday.

Something amazing.

Something that needed to happen a long, long time ago.

And something I am extremely proud of!

I published SUNBURST!!!!!!!!

Woot woot!!!!

What a journey, yeah? I know a lot of people have been waiting for this book for a long time. And it took me an insane amount of time to write it. But in the end I am so so so happy I waited.

Writing a book is an interesting process. And I have to admit that I am influenced by everything around me. The music I'm currently listening to, the tone of TV I'm watching, the genre of books I'm reading. I can't help it. Not that I ever plagiarize, but all of that info and experience goes into my brain and gets muddled up into who I am as a person. Right? And not just entertainment... but all of our life-happenings. I mean, that's how we all exist. Our character and personality are this giant culmination of our experiences.

And that's what goes into my writing.

Starbright. Oh, Starbright. It is one book. But I have to be honest because Sunburst is an entirely different beast.

Plain and simple, it's just better. In every way. And there is a small part of me that is disappointed that I didn't start the series out with this same tone- and if you've read Sunburst already you know what I mean- but then there is the other part of me, the larger, more clear-thinking, wiser part of me that knows that Sunburst wouldn't have happened unless Starbright did. And This version of Sunburst wouldn't have happened without the time I gave myself.

It was a journey to write Sunburst. After Starbright, I was super confused on where I wanted the story to go and how I saw the characters. I even wrote two different synopses with two different futures of the book. Neither made it into my reality. What came out in Sunburst is the book that I WANTED to write all along. The real story, the story I needed to tell.

And truthfully, if I sit back objectively, this is the book I want to read.

But it was a journey to get here. And if I would have written it at any other time in my life- even two months sooner- I wouldn't have written this particular book.

So I am more than happy with the time it took me to publish because it got me THIS version of Sunburst. And this development in plot and characters. This is where the story should go. This is where I'm excited to take Stella.

And here's one more thing you should always know about me. I write my series as these epically involved journeys. And my main goal when I look at each series is that the first book will be my worst. Not that I try for that of course. With every book I write, I determine to make it my best book yet. I am constantly pushing myself to be a better writer, to be the best story teller I can be. So it only makes sense that I push myself to make each book in a series better than the last.

I feel this way about Reckless. Actually, I feel like Reckless is my worst written book ever.... but I know that's not popular opinion. :)

Anyway, the point is that Sunburst is supposed to be better than Starbright. And it is. I promise. :)

Also Love and Decay, Episode Nine released this weekend too!!!! Check it out quick, because Episode 10 comes out on Halloween!!! :) And it's extra spooky! :)

Also Barnes and Noble currently hates me and doesn't like to publish my books quicklky... So grrrrrr... Nook Users, I'm just as frustrated as you are!!

But here are your Amazon Links!! :)


Love and Decay, Episode 9


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  1. It was totally worth the wait, I loved it!! I fell even more in love with Seth, I didn't even think that wad possible. Will be patiently waiting for Firelight to come out. Thanks for making it a wonderful reading weekend. Two books, yay!!!