Starbright, Starlight.

That's a little snipet from Sunburst!

You guys. You need to read that book if you haven't yet!!! I just fell in love with this story during that book. Hard, consuming, irrevocable, eternal love.

There is no going back. Stella has stolen my heart.

I feel about this book like I did after Fearless and Endless. Which says something huge, even if I can't exactly explain that feeling. I feel like this is exactly where the story is supposed to be going. This is how the story is supposed to be told. And that feeling for a long time was unique to only those two books.

It's hard to feel "good" about the first book in any series. Mostly because that first book is basically just an introduction to a bigger, more complex, longer story. And so with both Reckless and Starbright... probably even The Rush, I'm barely showing you the fictional world those stories belong in. It's basically just a glimpse at all the good things to come.

And then I write more books in the series and I give you all those good things.

Sunburst is FULL of good things!!!!

And right now, Starbright is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Which, ahem, it will always be free from now on. I probably shouldn't tell you that because it's not very good marketing. But I don't really like marketing, so there you go.

As long as I have control and don't sell my soul to a publishing house (kidding, kidding) I will eventually make all the first books free. I just like it that way. I like that you can invest in a series for a little bit cheaper because you don't have to pay for the book and I like that you can test drive it before committing with your wallet.

I'm a full believer in free books!! But I also can't make the first book free until there is at least a second book in the series. So that's why Starbright is just going free now.

And now that it is, feel free to download it!! :) You don't even have to wait for the second book!!! Woot woot!!

Alright, that's it!! I just wanted to stop by and tell you about Starbright and give you some links!!

Starbright for Kindle

Starbright for Barnes and Noble


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