Monday Mahem

Good morning!!!

It's actually a really good Monday morning in this house. The kids are out of school today, so I didn't have to rush out the door first thing and that was awesome!

It meant I got to drink my coffee at the kitchen table and not in the car.

Another plus.

And then there's the fact that I'm STILL in my pj's and slippers. So woot woot!!

But what's really made it an exceptional morning is all of the reviews and comments I have been getting for Sunburst and Love and Decay!!!!!!!!! Seriously, you guys are just amazing!

Love and Decay blows me away every single release. I am just floored by the support and enthusiasm Reagan and crew are showered with! And every single release I have a mini panic attack and tell my husband, this is the episode they hate. This is the one.

And then he rolls his eyes.

I cannot believe there are only three episodes left in this season. I'm going to miss these guys!! Well for the two month break until Season Two starts.

But what's really made this a spectacular weekend is your response to Sunburst!!!

It is so much more than I could ever have hoped for!!!! You have honestly brought me to tears. I just can't get over how much you love the book and are excited for the continuation of the story!!!!

This is the Stella and Seth I wanted you to see, love and hate. This is the story I needed to tell!! And you guys are just awesome for embracing it the way you have!!!!

Thank you a million times to those of you who have bought it or read it or reviewed it or sent me some fantastic words about it!!! You guys are just incredible.


At the end of Sunburst I say that Firelight (Starbright, book 3) will be out in March. This is me giving myself some wiggle room, I'm hoping it's out sooner. But my life gets busy... so I don't want to go through what we went through with Sunburst ever again!!! Lol

My goal right now is to focus on the three different series I have. I'm basically going to rotate them until they all have closure. I have a few contemporary projects I want to write, but I'm pushing them for now until the series are finished.

So what that means for you is that I will release The Relentless Warrior. As soon as that's published I'm diving into The Fall (Siren Series, book 2). And then I'm starting back over with The Starbright Series.

The Star-Crossed Series and The Siren Series will both be tied up this spring. The Starbright Series is the only one that will go on longer because there are so many books in that series. Right now there are three more books to go.

Also, the final book in The Star-Crossed Series is called The Redeemable Prince and this is Sebastian's story!!! So you have that to look forward to. :)

Anyway! If you haven't picked up Sunburst or Episode Nine get them now!!!! :)


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  1. First of all, why did you guys have no school on Monday?! Second - AHHHHH! SO EXCITED for everything! More L&D (even with the break), Sunburst (and Starbright which I just picked up from Amazon), and Sebastian's story! You make me want a son so I can name him Sebastian!

  2. It's taking for freaking.ever for the RW book to come out at this point I will be old and grey by the time its released. Can you like JUST concentrate on that I mean that series was first and the fans have been waiting forever. I get your into the new shiny L AND D books but Jericho is decaying just waiting for his time in the sun.