Sunburst is getting pushed.... again.

I love every single one of you to bits and pieces. That should be said first. And although I am not known for my punctuality- understatement of my life- I really TRY to be on time with my deadlines. 

That being said.... Sunburst will NOT be out today. Or this week. Although I am working as hard as I can to get it out to you as soon as I can. I know you have been waiting FOREVER for it. And please know that it is not my intention to torture you. But I won't publish something I'm not proud of. And I won't give you less than what I think is my best. So it really is necessary for me to keep pushing the deadline until I've come up with a product that is worthy of being published. 

I truly hope you understand!


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  1. As a mother of 3 boys, I completely understand. As a fan, it is a bit disappointing. Any chance you'll be putting The Relentless Warrior out soon? I'm really looking forward to the release of that one. Thanks for all your hard work. I love all your books!

  2. Relentless Warrior is the one I can't wait to read!!! I have been waiting for that one since May!