Love and Decay, Episode Five!!!

These come out so fast, that I think I've failed to update my blog with each release.

If we're going to be honest I'm failing at a lot of things lately!!!

Don't worry, I'm completely fine with it, so I hope you are too. :)

Episode Five FINALLY went live today!!! And I'm so happy that it got out. Believe me. Me and Episode Five had some issues.

I couldn't find time to write it, then I lost almost a whole chapter in a freak computer shut down and then it didn't want to upload.


But it did upload, and now it's live!!!!!

If you HAVE been following this little novella series, Episode Five is a giant milestone in the Love and Decay story line. We're getting into the real meat of the plot and I am so excited for you to meet some new characters and find out where Reagan and the gang are heading. She has a little determine-the-relationship-talk with one of the Parker brothers and we meet someone else who is VERY interested in our heroine.

It's a turning point in the story and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it!!!

The best part??? I'm doing a special Friday the 13th Episode!! So you won't even have to wait a week before the next one comes out!!!!!!

And if you haven't read L&D yet... what are you waiting for???????? :)

It's definitely one of my most favorite projects. And the first episode is now FREE. Woot. Woot!

Here are some links for you!!

Amazon: Love and Decay, Episode Five

Barnes and Noble: Love and Decay, Episode Five

Smashwords: Love and Decay, Episode Five


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  1. I really love this series!! Honestly I had never read anything with zombies, but I have read everyone of your books more than once and absolutely love your work so I tried it. I look forward every other Friday to find out what will happen next I'm definitely hooked!!! So excited we get an extra episode this week!!

  2. You have done a great job with this series! I love it! Keep up the good work! I do wish the books were a little Longer and we could hear the brothers point of view( Hendrix,maybe...)
    I am also waiting for Hendrix and Reagen to kiss already! Lol
    Thank you!